hey i just went and bought some flip switches at radio shack and i am installing it on an old keyboard i have. i connected the wires fine and when i touch the wire it makes the sound i desire, but when i attach the wire to the switch nothing happens. I just want to know what i am doing wrong and what the correct way of attaching the wire to the switch is. Thanks.

Cailen (author) 11 years ago
sure, i would take a picture, but i cant find my camera. it is a mini toggle switch rated 10A at 125VAC, 6A at 250VAC. It has two metal bars on the bottom and one is bigger than the other and i know which way is on and which way is off because it says on the switch. The on side is on the bigger metal bar side and the off side is on the smaller metal bar side.
photozz Cailen11 years ago
OK. Sounds pretty standard. I'm guessing it's this one:
Honestly, there should be no reason that I can tell that it would not work. Are you soldering the connections, or just twisting them on?
Cailen (author)  photozz11 years ago
well, i just put the wire and metal together to test the connection, but i was planning on soldering them. Mabe that is my problem i will just solder them and if it doesnt work the way i want it oh well, i will keep tinkering. Thanks a lot for the help.
photozz11 years ago
Can you give us a better description of the switch you bought? What type was it?