Sword arts

We've all practiced in parks with sticks, against our freinds, or imaginary dragons, and we think outrselves to be quite good, but most all of us have never taken things further. SOME of the people reading this will have taked classes in swordsmanship, with any luck, and that's what this group is all about. That's why i'm asking anyone out there with experence to come forward and write an instructable for us, perhaps just the basics. As for myself, i'll be focussing on the metallurgical side of things, publishing instructables on the things i make and posting the relevant ones here. My entry to the laser cutter contest is a sword, with a fairly simple method that shouldn't be too hard to follow. I'll post it and start the others one i've cleared my exams up.

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JM19993 years ago

interesting idea

Hey guys, I made this kickass sword out of wood and I've entered it in a comp. I would love for you guys to check it out and maybe even vote for it if you think it is worthy. I had heaps of fun making it and this comp just happened to start once I finished it. so I would REALLY appreciate you help! Thanks :D


Daedric Sword.jpg
nfk116 years ago
ive handled a prop sword made out of steal.
Arano7 years ago
i am thinking about making an ible about sword fighting (at least the basics) but it would be heavily influenced with german for two reasons: first, i am german ;) and second it will be about the german school of swordmanship as teached by johannes liechtenauer, a swordfencing master of the late medieval ages. would you like something like that?
Camisado9 years ago
Personally, my favorite sword art is Bushido ( The way of the Samurai ), Because they used Katanas and other Japanese swords ( Such as Chokutos ). My favorite 'Strikes' are the normal Horizontal Zan/Giri ( Cut ) and the Hanguard Strike, Tsukaate ( ? )
pappyld0410 years ago
Since you have overlooked the ages of some of the people who end up in here I think it is important that this be taken into consideration when asking for this type of instructable. I don't know if you folks were ever young but I know when I was younger I would have been the first one in here checking out stuff like this. I've had many stitches from edged weapons both my own and others. No need to flame on about it. I just think it belongs in an age protected area. And I do agree this is a good idea. I own many swords. Some bought, some handmade, and one that I've started. Trying to figure out how to use a small deerhorn for the handle without tearing it apart. In this day and age this might cause unwanted problems. So think what you like about my post at least one person here thought about what a kid may do with it!!!
Vendigroth (author)  pappyld0410 years ago
That's a valid point in the extreme, and i wholly agree, but, as mentioned...somewhere else in that miasma of posts, suitable instruction vastly decreases the potential for mishaps, Signed: V, who is thinking of of removing the topic...
Nooo! Don't remove! There's plenty other dangerous stuff here (check out Tetranitrate)
Check my 3:11PM post for follow-up. I will ask that you not try to push buttons with flame posts. Referring to yours of 5/19. No need to get so emotional about it. Since my first post in here I have seen the other things available. And I agree that this shouldn't be removed. Let's try to keep things civil as we are all here for the same reasons. I realize your comment was made with the same emotion as my first one so let's wipe the slate and start anew. I appreciate it!!
pappyld0410 years ago
Hey V. I know that was a bit extreme and by no means am I trying to get you to delete this idea. I did run across this in my early days here before seeing some of the other things posted. So I apologize for jumping the gun on it. I don't see where this is any different than some of the others that I've come across. I did post my early comment a few months back but when I saw all the flack that it stirred I did feel compelled to state my reason. Hence my post of a few hours back. At the very least you might consider a disclaimer. I don't want to stifle any creativity. I know you're not seeking approval so just thought I'd encourage you to keep it going. Nothing personal meant by it!!!
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