Symbol CS1504 Keychain Barcode Memory Scanner

A couple of years ago at work I purchased this little keyring barcode reader

It's a great little thing. It comes with no software so I paid to download some reading software (don't know what I did with it) which had fairly limited functionality it would show me the date and time of reading, the type of barcode format and the barcode number.

What I really want to do with this now is use it for asset checking. I want to put a barcode on every door in my building and an asset number barcode on every asset. That way when the yearly audit comes round I can nip from room to room and scan the door and then all the assets. Come back to a PC and download - Room ID, Asset ID and a date and time stamp.

But what I really want this to do is to just pull the description data associated with the asset number from so sort of table. The developer software is freely available... but I don't want to learn Pearl or any other language just for this... If someone made a little open source app... I'd pay for it (as long as it was like the budgy) If you could compile a little app for the Symbol how cool it would be! 

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jane3134 years ago
er. i just know this barcode scanner site, seems good
flabden7 years ago
Saw your post on the CS-1504. I use this at work with the inventory software we have. I'm the Materials Manager for a small hospital, and I use it when I send inventory out. I don't know if it would be able to do what you wanted. It is basically a scanner attached to a flash drive. There is a utility for it on the Motorola website(they bought Symbol) If you go to that link you provided, and click on Data Sheet, than scroll down under software tools there is a link to downloading the software to mess around with it and read it. I also know there is free barcode reading software out there. It will basically load into a .txt file line by line. The down side is that it will hold a max of 150-160 scans, and the battery is only good for about 4-5000 scans. After that it is almost impossible to use. Anyway I hope this helps, if you have any other questions about it let me know. I've been playing around with this one for a while now. Jeremy
xmitman flabden6 years ago

Thanks for your comment. Do you know the name or have a link to the free software?

rlepik1 xmitman5 years ago
We have specialized software for this scanner including inventory. It can do far more than you need including a map of the rooms linked via digital photo plus visual trees to see a hierarchy of content structure plus can be posted on the web or on client server. We provide significant discounts for projects such as you have described. Likely $195 to $295. This is our 20th year developing library and inventory related software. Please feel free to request a quotation.
flabden xmitman6 years ago

Also, if there's no batteries in it you can't upload.