Synchornized external falsh light for cheap


I am looking for someone who could do an synchonized flash light such as this one but for much cheaper ;-)
The challenge is on synchronizing the camera with the flashlight, if possible wireless.
The light itself and the diffuseur are no real topic.

The use of such devices helps a lot when taking pics for your I'bles or your ETSY shop if you have one.



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kupua10 months ago

By all accounts of what you posted, it is all over the map and much to vague. What's cheap to you? I ask as your request is all over the map. the D-Lite RX 2/4 is >$1250. If that is what you are using, you should be ok with a Pocket Wizard, recognized as an industry leader in remote/sync controls.

kupua BaptisteL810 months ago
Hi Baptistell8,

I can TOTALLY respect that. However it just was not clear. This hobby for me, I use my equipment wherever and project to performance/space/size ratio of more importance that the learning or cheapness of the items. I really recommend checking the performance of such item vs making the item your self. Reason being is that it generally runs much bigger or having to kluge the thing together. Hope this helps.
Downunder35m10 months ago

Every half decent camera allows for the connection of an addition flash.
Either by top mount or by a headphone like plug.
All you need is to read the datasheet or technical specs (the detailed ones) for your camera.
If in doubt measure the impuls with an oscilloscope or very fast multimeter that has a lock function for the highest value recorded.
From there you only need a suitable transistor for the input and a suitable remote on the other end.
Options are endless from going overboard with a little arduino and WiFi or RF shield to simple with discreet components and a bit of wire.

You would need an ongoing connection where the flash changes a pulse, bit or similar to be fest enough.
That is where RF remote options are better than Wifi as you only have to fight with the time it takes to process the signal and activate the flash.
Same story for IR.
Some cameras allow for a set delay for the triggering.
This allows to have everything done the cam needs to do to get the perfect picture and the pulse for the external flash has a "negative" delay.
So the pulse for the external flash is send out slightly before the shutter of the cam.
But not sure if your cam has that option available for compensation....

Yonatan2410 months ago

So... A flash? By do, do you mean make for you, or publish an Instructable?

So you want to find a way to synchronize any type of light source to your camera. How about buying a used (maybe burnt) camera flash, and modifying it so it will turn on an LED lamp?

I don't know if that's at your skill level (definitely more than mine), but if it isn't why not just use a lamp, maybe even make your own lamp, one that will be on all the time? That's what I did :)