How do I share a Preview of a Draft?

I would like to share a preview of a Draft that I am working on, but can't find a way to do that anymore.

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tomatoskins1 month ago

The only way that a non member can see a hidden instructable is to publish it as private while you are working on it. I see that you are a premium member so you should be able to do that. You can then share your private URL with them but it will not show up on your profile.

KurtRoesener (author)  tomatoskins1 month ago

Oh Okay, thank you.

I almost forgot you must be logged in to view a preview.

KurtRoesener (author)  Josehf Murchison1 month ago

I already tried that, it doesn't work unless you're the author. Plus I want to share it with someone that doesn't have an Ible account.

Only way I know goes somehow like this:
Open the full preview of your draft and zoom the page so it fits into the width of your screen.
Export or save the preview page as HTML and share it like that by Email or so.

KurtRoesener (author)  Downunder35m1 month ago

Well, that does give me the idea to print to PDF...Thanks.

KurtRoesener (author) 1 month ago

I remember there used to be a way to right-click on someplace and it would show the word "Preview" and that would be a link anyone could get to.

Make the Instructable and save it in drafts.

Go to drafts and click on the Instructable you want to share.

Select the address in the address bar in the top of your browser.

Press Ctrl and C on your keyboard.

In a message or something press Ctrl and V to paste the address in the message.

Then press Enter and it will be a link to the draft.

Couldn't say it any better....