Classes now in the recent answers section!?

Not sure if it is supposed to be a feature or a bug:
The recent answers are now filling up with classes, which I find rather annoying.
Someone asks a question in these online classes and the whole thing shows up with the description, enrolment and all.
Even if were to answer the question I would still need to scroll through all of it, go through all answers so far to find the last one and then....
If that keeps going the answers section will be flooded by classes for no reason that I can think of :(

seamster2 months ago

Yes, that is a bug and it has been addressed. An update is forthcoming and that strangeness should disappear soon. Thanks!

Downunder35m (author)  seamster2 months ago


monday this will get resolved first thing.

kelseymh mmmelroy2 months ago

And it seems that it has been. Thanks!