I give up where do I find out what classes I am registered for?

I have looked everywhere under settings etc to find what classes I am registered for this is very annoying. Even the app doesn't have a setting for it. 

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mmmelroy10 months ago

long story short: your classes only show up when you have completed something within the class, like a lesson completion (the lesson header will have a progress marker on it, try getting that to show 100%)

The classes that aren't showing up on your /classes page are the ones that have no progress markers completed. a class you are enrolled in but have not yet started making progress within will show you as enrolled on the /class page for the class in question. so just hit the class landing page of interest, and see if your enrolled if you have not yet made any progress on the lessons.

in a test, i went ahead and made some progress in the 3d printing class with your user. after completing a progress milestone, the class showed up on your /classes page, and it had the correct progress marker.


mmmelroy10 months ago

the apps are defunct, we don't support them anymore. we highly suggest using the enhanced mobile web experience for all your mobile devices.

Yonatan241 year ago
I received your email, I can't be any more clear on the issue, so not sure why you would want me to email the problem when it is clearly explained here.

The site developers might not see it from here. If you want the issue to be fixed as soon as possible, send an email.

this only shows classes that you enrolled in after they added the tab, I have 9 classes enrolled but only 1 shows up and you can't go un-enroll and then re-enroll so it will show up. I really don't see why this is so difficult for them to fix

Send an exmail, eplaining the bug to service@instructables.com

They can't fix the problem if they don't know what it is!

And again Grammarly doesn't fix my typos...

reichert991 year ago

I noticed they added a feature to show classes, and mine shows 8 classes enrolled, but when I go there, says no results. Not too sure if its my profile or still a work in progress.

reichert991 year ago

100% agree, there should be a tab to see what classes we are enrolled in, AND NO going to profile does not show it, that shows everything you have done, including all your likes and favorites.

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