Class bug

I have completed three classes and it says that I have only completed one. After I finish the class, I look back and it says that I only finished about half of the lessons. I am not sure if this is a bug, or if I am doing something wrong.

I've had the same problem, checked on 5 classes and shows that I completed 3 with partial credit for the other 2. Sent help request and they looked into it, but nothing really was solved. I went back and repeated the classes not finished (according to them), FOUR MORE TIMES! still couldn't get a 100% even when the total class was repeated something like 8 times! I guess I'll take the classes for information and not worry about if they count as complete.

I think have this issue with the welding, lamps, and concrete class. I emailed service back in February but it looks like the issue still hasn't been solved.

I went back and ran through the last section/step to get the credit...