sudden infant death syndrome, baby breath monitor

Hello everyone,

I am a first year Mechatronics engineering student.

Well, I don't know where to ask about such stuff, but my question is:

As a new oncle, I see my brother & wife worried about the sudden infant death syndrome, so like the baby stop breathing when his sleeping, so like every time he coughs or so, they get really stressed.

For such a reason, I want to develop for them a 'breath monitor system'

For that, how shoud I proceed ?

should I use pressure sensor under him, to know if he is breathing or not, then if he isn't, make an 'alarm signal' ?
Or.. some t-shirt / 'chest wearable' he wear, to see if his chest is moving, or not ?

is it simple enough that I can learn about arduino / sensors & do it alone ?
 I had many questions.. hope I ll get some answers

Many thanks !

do an o2 sensor.

A new baby only weighs a few lbs, so your sensor probably wont know if they stop breathing or not. Plus current doctrine is to have babies sleep on their backs.

Also your work might be futile, a newborn wakes up every 2 to 3 hrs for feeding, as long as your not on pills or drinking then you'll be up with them.

Toga_Dan1 month ago
That's partly because SIDS, which is classified as a natural cause of death, is considered so rare. The official rate from the National Centers for Health Statistics (NCHS) is roughly one death for every 2,000 live births—or .05 percent".
Toga_Dan1 month ago

RRead up on causes, risk factors.

An ounce of prevention...

CPR is an injurious technique. So, how do avoid ever needing it?

Toga_Dan1 month ago

find out what already exists in med field.

And does breathing just stop in SIDS? Or does O2 gradually decline? O2 meter is of the shelf tech.