Most Contests Showing as "0 days left" in Firefox Browser

When using Firefox to browse the list of contests the majority are showing as "0 days left" to enter, even though the contests are still open.

I can only re-create the problem when using the Firefox browser (v54.0.1), Chrome and Internet Explorer behave as expected. I have completely reset my browser (including cookies, history, cache etc.) but the problem persists.

If I open a contest page the description shows "Only 0 s left to enter the...." , however the "Enter Now" button is available and appears to work as expected.

Picture of Most Contests Showing as
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alamtania5 months ago

Not only the days left, the number of entries showing up here is also less than that in the particular contest page.

There was an issue with this, but it looks like the counts should be correct on the Contest Page now :)

Yeah, it's solved now :)

mmmelroy6 months ago

thats a firefox only bug, we will get that fixed. thanks for full featured report!

Matlek mmmelroy5 months ago

By the way there is the same bug on safari!

Toga_Dan5 months ago

think I've seen that in chrome, and whatever my phone runs. Havta dig thru contest rules fine print to find deadline date. Howabout puttin dates in bold at the heading