What kinds of contests do YOU want to see on Instructables?

Hi everyone! As we're planning contests for the next year, we wanted to get suggestions and feedback on the types of contests we're running. :D

Is there a contest we ran years ago you'd like to see again?
Any contests you're sick of?
A weekly challenge you'd like us to expand on?
Do you want the contests to be more specific or more open ended?

We're trying to shake things up in contest-land - so any and all suggestions are welcome! I'm especially interested in what types of tech contests you guys would like to see, as well as ideas for food contests. 

P.S. For anyone wondering about weekly challenges - we're still trying to figure out a way to do it that makes it easy for you guys to enter and easy for the editors here to run. But I promise we are discussing it! :)

Have prize suggestions? Check this topic.
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I would like to see a Fundraising contest. There are hundreds of members of this community that are involved in non-profit organizations that have a need to raise money (PTA, Scout troops, food banks, etc). This would be a great way to extract new and novel ideas, greatly benefiting the greater good.


I would like to see a contest rewarding the best idea for repurposing
aluminum screw-top cans! There are some brilliant people out there that
should be able to come up with great ideas to keep these out of
landfills. Budweiser and Coors cans are the ones I am talking about.
Thanks for considering this,

Fathomlis1 month ago

A Banting contest would be really cool!

As far as I can tell, that isn't a word in English, so could you explain what you mean?

Weight loss diet based on limiting the intake of carbohydrates, especially those of a starchy or sugary nature.

But it could also be could be painting...?

Toga_Dan17 days ago

dont try this at home.

tinaciousz (author)  Toga_Dan13 days ago

Hah! That sounds fun and a little scary. :)

DIYEnPointe16 days ago

I have been seeing a lot of tech contests lately. Maybe just a little bit less? Thank you for taking the time to read this!

tinaciousz (author)  DIYEnPointe13 days ago

Thank you for sharing your comments!

Computer Vision Contest / Image Processing Contest

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