Looking for a K'NEX Reunion

I'm looking to find and contact all of the old K'NEXers so we can keep in touch.

I still know how to reach a few people, but this post is my final attempt at locating the following people. Search status is in brackets by each name. [Pending] = I've contacted them. [Found] = established semi-permanent communications. No brackets = no trace. 

-Hunter999 (one of my best friends on 'Ibles back when) [pending]
-The Red Book of Westmarch [pending]
-E Pluribus Unum 
-Didexo [pending]
-TheDunkis [found- hooray!]
-Sorunome [pending]

Bonus points!:

-KillerK [pending]
-I Am Canadian
-The Jamalam

I remember you guys. You were the best. I hope I can talk to most of you again, and I hope you remember me.


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Anyone interested in going to a K'nex WAR?! Let's make this happen again!

Can someone give me a lift?

As always, interested but not set on driving for a day for just another day or two of interaction. Perhaps if I can convince more people to join me.

tinyhooman11 months ago

Hey! I'm still knexing, working on a big new project

Sorunome1 year ago

OMG why am I in that list?

Anyhow, you can find me regulary over on knexflux: https://knexflux.net

I'm dmytro509 btw

(DJ radio, and the guy from New York will remember me from


DJ Radio1 year ago

aww I'm not on here? :(

Lots of people I should've remembered mentioning I forgot. You still have the honorary title of person who indirectly inspired me to start the Oodassault 3 series.

lol that got me beaming :)

I completely forgot about oodassault pistols lmao.

Been for the first time trying to think up a practical war weapon because I still don't care for the TR. Yesterday I was toying with the idea of making the (as far as I know) first bolt action Oodammo weapon. Otherwise trying to think of a way to make an NAR-esque system for a repeater, Oodammo doesn't suffer from too much friction otherwise. I'd rather have an Oodammo pistol than a TR.

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