TAR v1

This is my TAR v1, or, Trauts Assault Rifle v1. If I do continue making knex stuff, i'll hopefully continue this series of assault rifles. This was made last night mostly for the tvikt tournament. I took TheDunkis shell ejection system, slightly modded it, and basically added a good strong structure and nice trigger.

Picture of TAR v1
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thats awesome lokks just like the real gun
it... isn't based on the real gun, just the same nam
combatknex7 years ago
are you backk? or did you not leave?
TheDunkis8 years ago
He lives! Bet I can top it =P. Nah. This is pretty cool though. It reminds me how much I miss building random things on ibles. KI has such awesome weapons but we're stuck in function and innovation. Either it has to win a war or win a competition otherwise it sucks. That's the reason why I didn't post my oodassault v3 there.
travw TheDunkis8 years ago
Top it! Please!
I love how you have to compete with everyone. Ends up with some great guns! Seriously, top it!
TheDunkis travw8 years ago
Lol it's not that I want to be competative with people. I just see a good idea that I think I could improve. Now exactly how do you want me to top this? Just making a shell utilizing weapon? Any other features? I'm trying to think up something to build so I'll take almost any suggestions.

By the way the E.A.P was my entry to the build-off you challenged me to.

travw TheDunkis8 years ago
Removeable mags that aren't a pain to use.
Compact looks.
Quality truegger. LOLyourphrase
No mag pusher sticking out.
95%+ reliability.
At least 35 ft. range.

Ya up to it?!?
DJ Radio travw8 years ago
Mepain's zaktangle on youtube already has all those qualities. Maybe even better.
No it does not, neither mepain's or Zak's has good reliability.
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