TARDIS Console Desk/Entertainment Center/Networking Area

In a few months, I'm going to be in a new place somewhere, and have three active computers at once, not counting laptops, and the husks of old machines. I am also running out of space for all of these things. I was trying to come up with design project to one-up my other home improvement geek friends from college, and it hit me:

A TARDIS Console.

Take three cheapo desks, cut the surfaces in half diagonally, and remount them on a slight angle in a hexagon. Mount the computer towers on odd segments, keyboards, phone, modem, router, etc on evens, sling a monitor on one of the segments, and throw some random sci-fi crap around it. Throw a big light or something in the center, leave some cables loose everywhere, and put a layer of appropriate paint on it. Instant TARDIS console.

That's the basics of it. It wouldn't take too much money, but a bit of time to do properly, especially the angled stuff. Add a little extra cash and a lot of extra time, and maybe use plexiglass and put some LED's as backlight. Put old circuit boards under the plexiglass, maybe use an old laptop with nothing but screensaver on it on one of the panels, and put some extra time into decorating and it'll look great. Maybe even build in an amp and an old Yamaha keyboard for fun.

This is just some speculation and a bit of boredom on my part. I just thought I'd throw this out there.

Picture of TARDIS Console Desk/Entertainment Center/Networking Area
Tardis Desk01.jpg
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It's brilliant! If you made a second one I would buy it from you....
woodsonjt5 years ago
Ironically I've been thinking about doing something very similar...more of an entertainment center/household control. Think I need to learn to weld first. My standards are too high and it would cost to much in the end so I will probably never do it
2hot2hack6 years ago
it looks like somthing from dr.who lol
manro766 years ago
That would be awesome!!!
lockpick7 years ago
Man I wish I could built that.