CLOSED - Halloween Postcards 2017!

It's that time of year yet again!

We want to send you a Halloween postcard. In order to get one, all you need to do is fill in this form. That's it.

Please fill out the form by Sunday, September 10th, 2017.

Again, if you want the postcard, please fill out the form. Do not post a comment with your address or send me a PM. I need your information in the form to get you the postcard. Also, please fill it out as completely as you can. We are expecting thousands of responses and will not be checking for mistakes. If the postcard can't be mailed, it won't be.

Don't forget to use the FORM!

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First time I ever missed the deadline, am I the only one who never seems to get emails from Instructables these days? I used to get several a week and there was always a reminder for Halloween cards, nothing at all these days.

harsh42991 month ago

Thank You,all these years I missed the deadline but not this time :-D

Penolopy Bulnick (author)  harsh42991 month ago

Glad you made it!


I'm from India. So, do you send those postcards to India also?

Just curious. :)

They do! I go got my postcard last year!


I never received one :(

So, can you or anyone else here share a picture of the postcard so that I can take a look?

The postcard is inside the display board...I haven't got a clearer picture right now..sorry

Penolopy Bulnick (author)  Anshu AR18 days ago

They should be able to go to India.

Missed the deadline again. I haven't gotten one for a few years. I used to get them without even signing up! That was weird.

Valeriaan1 month ago

Thank you, I've just filled in this form


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