Contest archive bug

I found a bug in the contest archive. I want to get ideas for the upcoming Make It Fly contest, so I went to the archive and found all the past contests with a fly theme. I clicked on them, but it just sends you to instructables' main page. There is no error or anything, just like if you went to the main page. With a little investigating, I found out that the contests that are in 2017 work fine. All the ones older than 17 don't work and act as stated above. I use Chrome, and wondered if that was the problem. I went to FireFox, but it worked! You could click on a contest in 16, and it would come up fine, but then I clicked on one in 15, and it went to the main page again. Does it do this to anyone else?

mmmelroy5 months ago

working on getting a patch for this now. thanks for the bug report!

random_builder (author)  mmmelroy5 months ago

No problem. Now the 16 ones work, but older is still broken.