Metal hallide ballasts - projects using?

I had to buy 2 salt water aquarium ballasts because they where dirt cheap, solid and shiny.

I have no use for 2 shiny MH ballasts.

Any suggestions for projects? Practical, informative or destructive? Not necessarily in that order ....

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Kiteman1 year ago

Don't ballasts do interesting things to voltages? Would they drive a small Jacob's Ladder?

bmiller91 (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
I know an HID ballast will drive a ladder but I didn't get a spark even across a very small gap. Maybe I just need to "Prime" to get it started but I was leery of shorting it out.

Not an actual clue myself - maybe another member with more high-voltage experience can help?

-max- Kiteman11 months ago

Add them in series to a MOT to power them is common. I'm thinking if it's not too hard, to add additional turns of wire and make a transformer, but that's kinda boring. Using them as power factor correction for capacitive loads like really crappy LED lights might be cool, but the inductance is probably too high for that... IDK.

bmiller91 (author)  -max-11 months ago

So you're suggesting to use output from ballast as power for MOT? MOT output is then super high voltage but low current? Not healthy but less deadly than powering MOT with 120/240v AC?

-max- bmiller9111 months ago

I dont have any actual experience with MOTs, but yes, basically. MOTs are cheaply designed and undersized for their rating and are only meant to be run for breif periods while force cooled. Adding a ballast in series with them is required to run continously. The magnetic shunts limit the output current already.