THIS is the ultimate knex gun

the big chunky one has a 7 shot magasine and the smaller one has a crank operated chain which at the moment has 15 shots but can be made longer. the big one fires red bars aboiut 40ft if you use the right rubberbands and they still hurt if they hit you at 20ft:):) the smaller one fires yellow bars about 30ft with slightly less power if anyone likes these i will put up full instructions

Picture of THIS is the ultimate knex gun
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MI69 years ago
No not best ever. Still, post!
bradleyJOHN10 years ago
smidge14710 years ago
Danny10 years ago
looks cool
Easy Button10 years ago
looks ok but nothing new just a comlicated chain and gatling gun
justavip10 years ago
please. gun(s) look good