Mystery Prizes!

What's more fun that winning a prize? Why winning a mystery prize, of course! We're sending out mystery prizes to winners of the First-Time Author's Contest and Homemade Gifts Contest, and if you end up being one of lucky winners, we want to see your reaction when you open it.

Share a picture of your mystery prize with us here or tag us on social media and we'll give you a shout out! 

Check out the First Time Author Contest or Homemade Gifts Contest and make something awesome! 

Picture of Mystery Prizes!
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DIYEnPointe3 months ago

Will you be using the mystery prizes in future contests and/or challenges?

Possibly! If there's enough interest :)

rasheekrazz3 months ago


jasonsj6 months ago

My mistery prize was a set of mini pliers, an awesome prize for a craftman like me!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!! as well as the t-shirt and stickers and everything I got!!!! // Mi premio misterioso es un set de mini pinzas, un grandioso premio para un artesano como yo!!!! ME ENCANTA!!!! tanto como la remera, calcos, y todo lo demas que recibí!!!!


willydegroot8 months ago

My mystery prize was a Spark Core development kit! Thank you so much Instructables!

woodumakeit9 months ago

I was honored to receive the Grand Prize (and mystery prize) for the Homemade Gift contest. It came with much more than I expected. In addition to the prize listed on the prizes page, it also came with a mini tripod, a full size tripod, a set of filters, lens cleaner, hand grip for the camera, extra memory card, wide angle conversion lens, telephoto conversion lens, flash, remote shutter control, screen protector, remote shutter control, and a Kreg K3 jig. I suspect that the Kreg K3 jig was the mystery prize, but maybe it was all those other items. Thanks, Instructables!


That is a really nice prize! I love that t-shirt color.

tinaciousz (author)  woodumakeit9 months ago

Well-deserved! Can't wait to see how you put that mystery prize to use. :)

TheGunNut4410 months ago

I received Twelve fishbone knotless gear ties as my mystery prize! Here's a pic. Thank you Instructables team!

tinaciousz (author)  TheGunNut4410 months ago

Yay! Glad you liked it!

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