Tissue paper art is quite difficult for those who are new in this field.
I made this forum to help new beginners.
I hope you will help me in this good work.
Share your good work to help others..Thanks in advance.

Picture of                                                 TISSUE PAPER ART
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Meglymoo871 year ago

Nice :) Can't wait to see the instructable! (if it's already up, please let me know)

dashinggurl (author)  Meglymoo871 year ago


my instructable is almost ready it will be publish soon..

Thanks for your time :)

If you have instructables related this topic share it with us:)

wold6301 year ago

Hi! If this is your work it would be great if you could make it a proper instructables with written instructions so others can learn from it!

dashinggurl (author)  wold6301 year ago

Sure! I am working on some tissue paper art soon i will publish it and i ask everyone to share their good work on this forum to help others..


Yonatan241 year ago

Make an instructable on that, It's amazing!