TKCC - 2 contestants needed!!!

The TKCC (the knex class championship) is a contest with 15 entrants, including me, and three impartial Judges to judge every one of the 5 rounds to see who is the greatest knex builder. The 5 round elimination process is as follows: Round 1 - 3 people off 2 - 3 people off 3 - 3 people off 4 - 3 people off 5 - 2 people off, final winner! The first 14 people that enter will be contestants, and anyone can enter for judging too. ENTRANTS 1.The Jamalam 2.Snipercrazed 3.I_am_Canadian 4.yannyboy 5.Benfoxg 6.Barrax 7.rofl495 8.dsman 195276 (I hope that's right!) 9.loyamann123 10.Dj Radio 11.Knexgunner 12.Knexguy 13.Ajleece 14.--- 15.--- JUDGES 1.(head judge)Bartboy 2.King_Banana 3.Darth Gecko Man When all contestants are chosen, Round one shall be chosen by our head judge Bartboy!

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DJ Radio8 years ago
Heh, I thought this contest was dead by now. I didnt realize you were still going through with it. Next time you start a contest, run it shortly after you get enough contestants.
The Jamalam (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
well i havent got enough contestants
PS- you might wanna change the title. I just sent a screenshot of it to failblog.
wait, i dont get it
The Jamalam (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
oh please...please withdraw that i beg you
jk, i didnt rly send it. but i was going to. If i did, your username wouldnt be in the pic.
lioneatr8 years ago
Der Bradly8 years ago
So now we are all waiting on jollex?
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