TNKIT entry and FN SCAR H (Now with pictures)

This is my TNKIT entry, an F1 based car. It has built-in suspension (not independent, but on the axle), and realistic features. The last pictures are of my new assault rifle, an FN SCAR replica. The stock is different because of the internal ram mechanism, and it has Ironman rails top and bottom, with strange new rails on the sides, which hold a bipod at the moment. An ironman mag adaption allows for extremely quick mag changing, with the release lever an inch from the trigger at the front of the trigger guard. The flip-up iron sights have been modified since these pictures, and the barrel (area with the bottom rail, not the false barrel at the end) has been shortened by 2 units, making the weapon more realistic and easier to use. Uses lots and lots of y clips and hinges, and requires about 6 cut white rods (can get away with 5). The EGLM fires a large projectlie using a push trigger behind the mag (in front of and below the handle). Also for your enjoyment; my MP5 from May.

Picture of TNKIT entry and FN SCAR H (Now with pictures)
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Lowney8 years ago
The car is brilliant! You should put a lego guy in the chair or something!
knexguy (author)  Lowney8 years ago
I think the Lego guy may look a little small in comparison;  I may try a K'nex man if I ever rebuild.
In addition to making knex bricks that rip off lego, they also made some knex men that ripped off lego minifigures.  I have about 8 of those from Sawblade thrill ride.
 me too
Lowney knexguy8 years ago
travw8 years ago
I love the car. Scar looks pretty good.
Woah... Thats pretty sweet... That car... its... its... its incredible! Great work! The gun looks real nice too. Metallics make it that much better too :-D
knexguy (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
Unfortunately its awesomeness doesn't save it from camera problems, which have led to me being disqualified from TNKIT. Thanks anyway though.
cj81499 knexguy8 years ago
your not disqualified
knexguy (author)  cj814998 years ago
Yeah, because I hadn't noticed -_-. Keep it quiet though.
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