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micky3333 months ago

Hey there,

Using an Arduino Uno, I was wondering if you could help me with the code to drive a stepper motor using the rpm of a rotor shaft.

The rotor shaft rpm is read by a Photo interrupter.

The rotor shaft is read every 15 seconds.

If the rotor shaft rpm greater then 80, stepper turns 15 degrees CW.

if rotor shaft rpm less then 80, stepper turns 15 degrees CCW.

I would really appreciate any help you could give.

My email is


Dude826Dude5 months ago

i mean 2 months ago

Dude826Dude5 months ago

i signed up before but started litterally yesterday. am i too late?

sofiasaurus175 months ago

I'm new... I hope I'm not too late!

-BALES- (author)  sofiasaurus175 months ago

I sent you a PM with a code.

hey! I'm a newbie here, I guess I'm the 14th commenting this entry. Can I have the code please?

-BALES- (author)  CraftersAndMothers7 months ago

PM sent.

BarbieN17 months ago

Hello, Love the site.

ashihero1210 months ago

newcomer here , love the site. hope i fit the criteria for the pro code

-BALES- (author)  ashihero1210 months ago

PM with Pro Code Sent. Welcome to the site.

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