Launch stats graph doesn't match instructables views


I noticed that the graph displayed under the launch stats does't match the number of views of my instructables. I included the most obvious example from an instructable that has 2.4K views. As you can see, the instructable was added in November and only the first few days are displayed in the graph and it stopped working afterwards, even though the number of views keeps increasing. The rest of my instructables also have a huge gap between the number of views and the data presented in the graph.Is it a bug from my account or a general problem that affects everyone?

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Hi Dear,

I got the same issue, only the last launched instructable is visible

Graph Issue.png
DIY Electronic (author) 1 year ago

Thanks for your replies. I hope someone from instructables can correct this because it's really useful to see the trend over time. What's the point of showing a graph if the data presented are incorrect?

I have the same, 5 or 10 times less views on the graph than on the Instructable and the "Last Year" not working.

Yonatan241 year ago

Last year doesn't work for me.