The New Knex Innovationists Tournament - T.N.K.I.T (Sign-Up)

Welcome to the new competition on!
People who are new to K'nex but have some sublime ideas, can enter in this competition to get their "K'nex Career" started!
Everyone is allowed, no limit to the number of contestants but;
Enter before June - 28 - 2009, or else you can't join anymore.
Good luck.

Number of contestants atm:

- St J
- Millawi Legend
- Kairah
- Shadowninja31
- Silentassasin21
- DarthVader
- (Atlas)
- Jollex
- ZakS95
- Knexguy
- 222222222539
- Killer SafeCracker
- LordSnipe
- Owen-mon-82397
- Cj81499
- The Jamalam
- Dj Radio
- KillerPanda
- Heat-Seeker
- Serial-Cricket
- Yannyboy
- Katarukito
- Ajleece
- Knex Mad
- Knexmaster7000
- Darth Gecko Man

This round is just for entering in the contest.
You don't have to build anything yet.
After 28 June 2009, the actual building rounds start.
And no, i'm not gonna tell you in a PM what the round is, you cheatz (lol)!

You can't join anymore.
Click the link down below for the first round.

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I think this is gonna boil down to Zak, Jollex, and Knexguy.
Skreetsha (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
I hope Jammy makes it through too :P
Dont forget me and Jammy, possibly killersafecracker too.
Knarez DJ Radio8 years ago
That's his opinion on who he thinks it will end up being down the road... Not a list of possible winners, if that's what you thought it was meant to be.
DJ Radio Knarez8 years ago
I know he is listing the finalists, I was just adding.
Knarez DJ Radio8 years ago
... You're useless.
DJ Radio Knarez8 years ago
Woohoo! Im useless! /sarcasm In all reality, why bother telling me that? Your comment is completely useless, along with the rest of you.
Knarez DJ Radio8 years ago
You're useless - meaning you completely miscomprehended my comment.
DJ Radio Knarez8 years ago
I know what your comment means, I just typed mine wrong. What I meant was that I was adding to his list of who he thinks will be a finalist. Woohoo! I'm useless! I like being useless, no sarcasm intended.
Knarez DJ Radio8 years ago
... I also tried to get out this. Why would you add to his list of people?

I'm not replying to this again, this is a dumb argument...
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