T.N.K.I.T (I think) entry

Well here is a little car I made in about a minute. Just so I could get through the first round (hopefully) because there are basically not enough entries. Yeah. Don't insult it, but it isn't anything worth building. Just to get through.

Picture of T.N.K.I.T (I think) entry
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Lowney8 years ago
Is this just for the "K'nexperts"?
DJ Radio Lowney8 years ago
Nope, it was open to everyone.
Lowney DJ Radio8 years ago
Ah cn cn
DJ Radio Lowney8 years ago
Lowney DJ Radio8 years ago
"I see"
I might do something like this too...
The Jamalam (author)  shadowninja318 years ago
Cool, can't wait!
not sure its gonna happen.... 2 days...
you only have 2 days.....
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