TR8-2013 ible is up go check it out! SRv3 coming soon!

If you would like to find out for yourself how my TR8-2013 really does preform please see my new instructable and build it for yourself. My instructable is a complete step by step instructional on how to build both my TR8-2013 and my fin ammo to maximize your guns performance. If you would like to build a K'nex gun that has stood the test of time and battle see my ible build my gun and see for yourself how it preforms. If you prefer not to shoot up to 300ft in a repeatable package then the TR8-2013 is not for you :P Check it out for yourself don't take my word for it! Go get building! Video coming soon!

SRv3 is officially built and shooting 500ft+ pics soon
ible is up for my war tested and proven TR8-2013 to clear up any and all confusion!

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I can't wait to see the instructions for the TR8 and the SRV3! :D
The ible is still a rough draft and I have ammo instructions and a video to complete
Ok, I'm looking forward to it being posted. :3
check it out on my home page
instructions for the TR8 are up and they should be up and ready to vote for the contest if you want as well!
I'll definitely do that. Thanks!
Just flipping post them! XD Yes, I am impatient. You have not posted in like forever, so I want to see more from you. Any anywho, people say that you are a fantastic (possibly the best?) builder, so I need to see some evidence (I'm totally teasing).
the evidence is the TR18, the TR8, and the SRv1-2. Amazing weapons!
canida4 years ago
Welcome back.
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