TOS (Terms of Service)

Most people don't read licence agreements, small print etc. and most users haven't read the site TOS.
I don't really expect many people to do so even after I've posted this but we're all bound by them (no exceptions)

Be aware of this first:
1 By using this site, you agree to the TOS, there's no getting out of this it is defined in the TOS.
Instructables can change the TOS, if you still use the site then you agree to the changes (as above).

5 In registering you agree to provide true and accurate information, i.e. not, not my age is 98 (when it's really 9.8) - any "porkies" and they can delete you. You may not use this site unless you are at least 13 years old. In accordance with the Federal Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA)

6 Note this:
Instructables does not use spy-ware, ad-ware, pop-up ads, spam or other annoying or intrusive advertising. We do not sell, rent, or exchange your personal information to any third party for marketing purposes.

7 a You're responsible for what you post, if it's illegal the site will cooperate with The Man
7 b If you post anything offensive or inappropriate, you may be deleted.
7 g Browser beware: you might be exposed to to Content that is offensive, indecent, objectionable or unsafe - you take your own risks with this!

The whole of 8 - Member Conduct is worth a read

12 If you're dealing with advertisers, that's between you and them.


24 All the Instructables logos images etc are protected trademarks. Maybe Robot is exempt from this, or perhaps the site's reasonably lenient there?

25 & 26 There's a proper procedure for claims of copyright infringement and other disputes

27 The TOS is governed by the laws of the State of California
When you're dead you're account will be deleted if your executors provide a copy of your death certificate.

Please report any violations of the Terms to the Instructables Support Manager at

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PKM8 years ago
24 All the Instructables logos images etc are protected trademarks. Maybe Robot is exempt from this, or perhaps the site's reasonably lenient there?

Well trademark isn't the same as copyright, IIRC it's protection for commercial use (a mark under which you trade). I think the Powers That Be let us have fun with the robot image because we're not selling any derivative works. If CameronSS started selling robot-with-aviator-goggles t-shirts then maybe there would be a problem, bus just for making avatars and so on it's all fun.
I think Ewilhelm has specifically granted permission for a few users to sell shirts, but I'm not certain, and IIRC it was a case-by-case thing, not a blanket approval for anyone to go out and do it.
We can do what we want with Robot, as long as we don't profit by it.
As long as weeee don't profit by it? Hmm......
So, we could make robot shirts, sell them, give the money to someone else who isn't a member of instructables, have the person use that money to make a profit, put it all in a bank account, wait until they're old enough to become a senator, take the money out that bank account, use that money for some event, wait until he get's paid enough to pay me back for the money I gave to him/her, and that would be okay and legal?
Oh yes, and become a senator goes into there also.
But I'll be old then. I want the money now!
Me too, but I don't want Eric to arrest me.
I see, thanks.
I know eric has given permission to users to make, but not to sell (Derin)

even though I had a robot shirt on cafepress, but no one bought one
plus there wasnt a profit
sharlston8 years ago
what if you buy pro then get deleted will you get a refund?
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