TR contest

OK This my second attempt at a contest (hopefully it works this time) . This is very simple post pics of your Tr-18/8/ what ever turret size you have, and list of features and every one who wants will vote on the one they like the best.
simple enough.
 Voting deadline: ended
votes (feel free to recount to see that i did not cheat)

Logic boy=3

DJ Radio (pic #1)
Original trigger guard that extends from the grip - Original ironsights Adjustments made since the picture: - Removal of the ratchet mod since it was too much trouble - Extention of the stock.

Ninjusk (pic #2,3)
custom stock, Front and rear sights ,and ammo holder in stock (with pin lock). updates not in pic, under barrel grenade launcher(had bad range), trigger guard (didnt like it so i took it off)

bigdylan91 (pic #4)
-modded rubberband thing
-i guess you can say custom stock
-and i guess custom handle

Logic boy (pic #5)
new iron sights
new stock
modded futher, now has a flip up rear sight, it has no real use unless you are holdind it straight out in front.

Picture of TR contest
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Knarez6 years ago
Y'all mad due to
Picture 14.jpg
dude a bit late
no u dont understand it won!11!!!
jamesdude7 years ago
Logic's TR.
Torpe7 years ago
Ninjusk's because of the beast front section and the ammo storage in the stock, also foregrip.
cj814997 years ago
Thank you.
smilee7 years ago
Logic boys
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