Mods Mods Mods

believe me u will like it...hopefully lol
long story short it is designed to b as good as i can get it
the new mods allow for interchangeable grips
a slide can easily be attached w/out any body changes
the firing pin is stronger than ever w/ less friction than ever which equals more power
try out the mods for yourself and as always be safe and have fun!
thanks guys
Zak inspired trigger mod is the final is a must have mod! -thanks Zak

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Mace!7 years ago
If I put more than 4 rubber bands whenever I pull the slide back it kind of flips up and the grey connector breaks from the firing pin. Does this slide modification help any?
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  Mace!7 years ago
yes and no
i never use slides because they r less reliable and more in the way if things go wrong
here is what i recommend and use
Yes I like to use the grey connector except I put two y connectors on it and I wrap tape around it so they don't fly off. It is very comfy.
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  Mace!7 years ago
the only problem i can see your idea running into is the part wearing down making it difficult to cock and for that piece to return once cocked...
the way i have the gray con banded seems to work great because it pulls the gray con along the same parallel line and the firing pin... which reduces friction and prevents the part from wearing down... and the way i have it banded will also keep the return band from snapping because the firing pin cant impact it
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  Mace!7 years ago
also be sure to check out my TR18 slideshow recent pics r near the end
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  Mace!7 years ago
hmm it sounds like your using either a worn out black rod aka the pin and/or worn out gray cons for me it works great up to 7 bands but i only recommend using a max of 6 the slide is ok but causes more problems than it solves i have a few newer mods than these pictured which may help u on my TR18 slide show page just mess around with it till u get it right if all else fails using an orange con instead of the gray cons will always work but do whatever u like more
Oh I'll have to try the orange connector. And yeah that's too bad because I have like 20 used black rods so none of them will work perfectly... Oh well I'll mess around with because I have gotten previous versions to work perfectly before.
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  Mace!7 years ago
lol good luck
Dirtyboyy7 years ago
good mods ??

chevy627 years ago
how do i prevent the turrent from saging?
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