Winner of the TR8-2015 giveaway is!... TheDunkis! Congratulations and thank you for all who where eager to participate.                         Who wants my TR8-2015 and some fin ammo? I am looking for and individual who would test, review, and post a video of the K'nex gun. If you can convince me why you want it I will consider shipping it out for free! Comment below and I will announce a winner. Thank you everyone for the support over the years. This is my way of having some fun and giving back to the community who has been a great part of my hobby life! So comment below and you could be the owner of my TR8-2015 built by me including some fin ammo!

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TheDunkis2 years ago

I got the TR this morning. I recorded the box opening video. I'll probably do one more quick shoot of firing it outside to finish my first impressions, then I'll start a text review while I get the videos on my computer and edited. I might do a full video review later on when I have a better handle on the thing. Already noticed a few things I want to modify myself, just to personalize it.

Knex Lego Maniac (author)  TheDunkis2 years ago

Cool excited to check out the video and reviews

Knex Lego Maniac (author) 2 years ago

TheDunkis is the TR8-2015 giveaway! Thank you everyone for participating we can all now look forward to a review soon!

Oh hey, I missed this comment among your other one. =P Thanks a lot, man. I suppose I'll check my inbox.

I'll make sure to give everyone an exciting review ASAP.

Congratulations! I wanted it, but you are the most qualified anyway. :)

I am looking forward to your review.

Knex Lego Maniac (author)  CorgiCritter2 years ago

there will be other giveaways in the future

Good to know. :)

You would've done just as well I'm sure. I'll have fun with it. I'll definitely get a text review out ASAP. Might take a bit longer on the video review. I'll probably set up a cardboard target for myself.

Maybe on the text part, but my video would probably be lacking.

Knex Lego Maniac (author)  TheDunkis2 years ago

I shipped the TR the morning 2 day fed ex ground so shouldn't be long

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