TV-B-Gone Pwnage @ Best Buy!

My friends I go to best buy and turn off tvs. I built to tv-b-gone kits from scratch for it. Sorry for the video quality, I had to hide the camera more or less. Enjoy and Comment!

Picture of TV-B-Gone Pwnage @ Best Buy!
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treg9 years ago
Haha, this gave me a great idea : next halloween, make a Magneto costum, with one tv-b-gone on each shoulder, and just walk in the shop "sucking" power out of all those TVs as you walk by !!!!
Plasmana9 years ago
LOL! That is so hilarious! I am definitely going to mod a TV-B-GONE!!!
perfect use for Tetranitrate's usb spy shirt, mabey youre just bringing your laptop case in cuz it looks cool. Awesome video though!
guyfrom7up9 years ago
:0 great idea, whereable shirt that has a bunch of IR leds with conductive fabirc (you get a girl to wear it so that it just looks like those shirts with sparkels on it) and all wired to a tv-b-gone. or would that be considered a terrorist threat, whering technology on your shirt. oh, and is this illegal?
oh, and is this illegal?

Not explicitly.

But going into BestBuy and squaking loudly isn't explicitly illegal, either. But there are a whole lot of "nuisance" laws that can be applied to almost any behavior they don't condone.

And as a private property retail establishment, merchants also have broad rights to detain or eject you for any number of reasons....which the store itself can define, and keep private from the general public.

or would that be considered a terrorist threat, wearing technology on your shirt.

I fully expect to see legislation introduced soon, outlawing DIY electronics in many more public venues (as apparently already applies in airports.) Hopefully they won't actually become law...
so basically the most they could do is get annoyed and ask you to leave the store or something? I think I'd make a belt or something that works from a distance of 100 feet so that I could look like I'm looking to buy a game and tv's are turning off
It's likely they'll just question and release you. But they can detain you, call the police, charge you with any number of violations. (of course, they have to catch you first.)

The law considers merchants to be the first line of defense against shoplifting, theft and criminal mischief. You could argue that the law (all law) came into existence to protect property owners and their rights. So they have a great deal of latitude in dealing with "difficult customers." Remember, a store is private property.

So what keeps most retailers from being in your face all the time? First, the lost sales due to bad publicity. Second, if people aren't comfortable in the store, they don't come back. Does anyone enjoy being followed around by store surveillance? (they're pretty overt, especially with teenagers.)

But BestBuy thinks itself immune to these customer and PR concerns. They have a long history of draconian over-reactions when dealing with the public. Amazing, when you consider how many times they've been burned in the press....
joejoerowley (author)  gmoon9 years ago
Thanks for filling me in. :)
Could an IR laser be used instead of the LEDs? - I'm wondering if it would be possible to build a very long range 'sniper' version...
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