TV sports blow.

I hate sports on TV.  In math class today, we were talking about how some major league baseball player who gets paid at least 1 Million dollars per year has a batting average of .235, which is pretty lame.  Why the heck do people pay tickets or watch TV just to see average people play baseball or basketball or any sport actually? 

In that case, why don't people pay to watch kids play basketball in the gym or to watch adults play softball in their free time?  It's the same thing, the only thing that the people who play sports in their spare time don't have is a huge corporation backing them up and putting their faces on TV.

Secondly, it gets in the way of programs I want to watch.  I turn on the TV at the advertised time to watch Family Guy, which was at 7:00, and instead I get to watch a baseball game with sub-par action.  I don't really care about who won what game, and I don't see how this is any different from sports games that adults play out of their spare time.  

To make it worse, kids at school just talk and talk and talk about the sports games.  Shut the hell up people!  I don't care about the games, I don't care who won, I don't care about that pass or slam dunk, stop wasting my time.  

Boycott sports.  Don't buy tickets, don't watch games, and DON'T BUY ANY TEAM JERSEYS THAT STORES HAPPEN TO SELL!

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I see your point, I love playing sports. American society (at least) holds a majority of its emphasis on sports. Sports stats make math easier to understand and more fun (for some people) because it utilizes a real life example. If TV sports are terminated, what is you suggested form of alternate entertainment (because the people will demand more)? Are you an athlete? That will change your view. You can learn a lot by watching pros.
Bartboy8 years ago
Well, first off,
1 million dollars is next to nothing compared to what some of the players make.

And secondly, in my town, we DO pay to watch the kids games.
DJ Radio (author)  Bartboy8 years ago
First off, this was just an example.

And secondly, the kids don't get paid.

You're right, they don't.
The money goes towards paying for their equipment, which they own.
Not necessarily...a school could own it and let them borrow it.
You don't get it.
This way, the kids actually own their own equipment.
And what is your definition of "kid's games"? Are you talking middle/high school, travel, or just standard park district/public recreation?
Middle school, district, and provincial.

A, AA,AAA and B.

I'm not familiar with that system. In my area, there's high school, middle school, travel, and park district/recreational "REC".
I'm not sure what you mean. As in they borrow them individually (even though it's not theirs), but they don't share it? At least where I'm from, they don't give kids their own equipment...the organization lets them borrow it, or they're responsible for providing their own.
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