T.V.I.K.T Entry

Here is my entry, it seems to be a mix between rail and slingshot crossbow.

This makes it incredibly sturdy and enables me to put the trigger lower.
The staircase shaped rubberband string is there to get more power out of a smaller area.

Nice and heavy weapon, destroys cardboard easily and gets a nice 175 feet range.

Camera on phone seems very sensitive to movement, sorry about the slight blur.

Picture of T.V.I.K.T Entry
Foto0116 (Large).jpg
Foto0115 (Large).jpg
Foto0119 (Large).jpg
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DJ Radio8 years ago
Looks cool, but I will have to dock points for certain elements (like the handle)
why it looks fine
It's the same as the dragonfly.
Wow. Just what I expected from you. Do you have a video of it? because it can get you 2 extra points.
Wicky (author)  Electroinnovation8 years ago
Ow! Just saw the deadline was extended(now time plenty due to Fall holiday), I'll rebuild this and improving it along the way and ofc make a video =d<br />
umm ok...well if you want to post a newer version just pm me and I'll switch them out.
Wicky (author)  Electroinnovation8 years ago
I made this about 3 weeks ago, now taken apart, so no video.
I took these pictures right before taking it apart, we have 3 people building with the same knex so big builds can't stay put together long.