T.V.I.K.T. K'NEX TOURNAMENT still on: ROUND 2: Deadline December 8

(Gosh, it's been a while since I posted a forum!)

So 22222222539 is leaving, and I don't want another contest to just die like the rest, so I contacted and got permission to continue the contest as the new host. here is the original forum topic:


A Knex ball Machine lift

This round will last from November 30th to December 8th

Must be able to lift a standard knex ball or ball of similar size.
Must lift the ball up at least a foot
Must be able to AUTOMATICALLY pick up the ball from a short entry ramp

You may use
     A motor other than knex
You may NOT use
     modified pieces
     wood / other plastic / metal / etc.

Points system
up to 10 points-each judge gives up to 5 points for overall
up to 8 points-each judge gives 0-4 points of innovation
up to 6 points-each judge will give up to 3 points for looks
up to 4 points-each judge gives up to 2 points for the speed of the lift

up to 10 points-I will give each creation up to 10 points on how much I like it

Bonus Points

2 points-a video displaying the qualities will add 2 points
2 points-if you do a complete instructable on how to build it.
5 points-If you complete a ball machine you will receive up to 5 points from me

Contestants and Entries
Knex mad
Big Z
logic boy

How the scoring works
The amount of points you earned from last round will be added on to the total from this round to get your total to see who advances to the final rounds. The highest total will receive a bonus on the final round.


I know the deadline is rushed, and I am willing to extend it if needed, but try to make it on time. Im rushing this to try to get the next round in during Christmas break so you have lots of time to work on your creation.

Backup project:

If for some reason you can't make a ball machine lift, you need to make something that will do a basic task, probably powered by a crank or rubberbands. Ideas:
A hand powered by cranks to move it on a X, Y, Z axis
A Rubberband powered can opener

Be creative with this Project. I want to see really amazing things.

Please note you can only attempted the Backup project if you have a valid reason why you can't make a ball lift. Everyone who has the pieces to build a ball lift has to. if you have a valid reason, please post it as a comment to this before making your project so i know.

When your done, post a like to the foruminstructable for me to put up here.

Now get building!

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floris2burn7 years ago
I only started looking at this community after newyear, so I didn't knew about this contest.

Enyhow, I made the mill lift around when this tournament was held. (And I think 8 days is a bit too short for a contest like this.)

you can see the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7p5AwG1luQ

Kairah made his own version of this after seeing it.
 i totally forgot bout this lol
DJ Radio8 years ago
Looks like everyone just screwed this contest.
dsman195276 (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
There's no point in me ending it on the deadline anymore when nobody entered. Theres not much i can do.
You can either cancel the contest, or wait until someone enters, and declare them the winner by default.
Don't forget that DJ and I are judges also.
dsman195276 (author)  shadowninja318 years ago
haven't forgotten! :-)
what? yes i know that the contest ended...
ok :)
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