Hey! This is my entry for The Very Important K'nex Tournament! The Small Knex Assault Kit!!!!!!!

This gun features a variety of add-ons such as: 2 scopes, vertical grip, and a laser pointer.
First pic.-old stock              second pic.-new stock(sorry bout the blur)        which do you like better?

piece effeceint
comfy stock
good range(35-40 feet)
good accuracy(30 feet)
removable mags

not the best accuracy/range
If you would like me to P0$T, just drop a comment below!

See video for details.

If you can't view the video, YOUR LOSS!!!!! I can not lose points for the video not being able to be viewed. I did make a video showing all the qualities of this gun. I can view it. Just because you can't doesn't mean I didnt make one!

FYI: The mis shot in the video is only because of the wierd angle that I was shooting from.

Picture of TVIKT entry: SKAK
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ajleece8 years ago
I've never even SEEN a moff file before...
Most people would appreciate something like a mov, avi, or wmv.

The stock shouldn't be bent. Rule number one of building is keep rods at the angle they were designed for. IE A STRAIT ROD IS MEANT TO BE STRAIT.

If I saw the video i might make a good comment.
chopstx (author)  ajleece8 years ago
You wanna rate?

Ya, sure...4.5*

chopstx (author)  Seleziona8 years ago
Cool. Thanks!
chopstx (author)  Seleziona8 years ago
chopstx (author)  ajleece8 years ago
I made a new stock already.

I'll get pics up soon.
ajleece chopstx8 years ago
chopstx (author)  ajleece8 years ago
I kinda lost my camera.............
ajleece chopstx8 years ago
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