Firstly im not sure if this is in the right part of this forum.

Basically i want to make (or buy) a two way wired phone system and other end needs to ring upon picking up my end. I've searched here and online for something which will do this and i rememebr having a set of these when i were a kid.

Now i have kids of my own i have built a wooden playhouse at the bottom of garden and would like to be able to ring from there to the house with only a pick up of the other end or something equally similar. IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE!

If anyone can post me details of how to make this or a website from which i can buy it from would be great been searching for weeks.


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I claim to have actually built such a device, a few years back, an intercom that uses POTS (plain ol' telephone service) phones.The tricky part is generating the (approximately 50V AC) "ring" signal. As for connecting the two phones together, that's the easy part. Just connect both in parallel, with a 6V DC power supply. A diagram of this (the easy part, without the ring generator) is attached. Large version here:

BTW, this question has been asked here before, at least once in the Answers forum:

And at least one person has written a related instructable, using the same trick with cordless phones.
I'm not sure if the author of that 'ible found a way to make the other phone ring or not.

Also there's this:
dirty-monkee (author) 6 years ago

Will this be any good to me?
Have you tried looking for a intercom system? This sounds like what your wanting and shouldn't be too hard to hook a phone to both ends if you wanted.
dirty-monkee (author)  RedneckEngineer6 years ago
Ill google to find out, thanks
Kiteman6 years ago
What about a hand-cranked phone?
dirty-monkee (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
The ones i need have to be battery powered.