Ta da!

I have beaten Jollex, I am the Champion!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the worlds smallest ball machine! now imagine it with mini knex

: P

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AngelCutums8 years ago
I don't think it can be considered a ball machine any longer, because the rod stuck in the middle defeats the purpose of it being a ball. It's up to deabte though.
apples!!!!!9 years ago
LOL! But how's it a ball machine if the ball is locked into place?
Bartboy (author)  apples!!!!!9 years ago
not locked, I found out that that grey is unessacary.
Oh, ok then...
Could we see a video of the machine working without the grey piece on top, if possible? P.S. Love your "ball machine" though!
Lol, you have to leave the reply on his comment, not mine. He won't notice otherwise.
Actually he will. It's really annoying actually because I'll start up a conversation and then two people either argue or have pointless spam messages back and forth and then I get emails for all of them.
Either way..........
Ball Machine need to be exciting....
it is exciting! it's going up! it's falling down!!! i wonder what will happen next!!!!!
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