Table Fan Motor for Motorized Bicycle

Hello everyone,

I was think of turning a normal bicycle into a motorized one.

Will taking the motor from an ordinary Table Fan and attaching it to the bike work? I'm planning on running it off a car battery.

Any suggestions are welcome :D

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Kiteman6 years ago
Aside from the problems associated with running an AC motor off a DC battery, the motor probably won't have enough torque to move the bike (you can stop the fan-blades with a finger).
naresh97 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
So, what kinda motor do you suggest?
Why not a car alternator? Powerful enough to turn over an engine, and designed to run off a car battery.
gmoon Kiteman6 years ago
Starter motor? (those things draw current BIG time, and aren't designed for continuous op).

Seems you can convert alternators into motors, but it's probably not a trivial conversion...
Kiteman gmoon6 years ago
Wheelchair motor, then, or a golf-cart motor.
gmoon Kiteman6 years ago