Tablecloth without a Table

This tablecloth has been stiffened with starch or epoxy or something to keep its shape so that it can stand alone without a table below it.

It's pretty fun for a picture, but unless you're right there on the ground like in the main pic below it's not too obvious. Well, maybe it's just not my style, but I'm sure that anyone else here can replicate it if they were interested.

So how about it? Want to take it on? First person who does an Instructable about this will get... something. A custom patch and maybe something else.

Link via bbgadgets

Picture of Tablecloth without a Table
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jianqiang8 years ago
I was thinking if you wanted a regular sized table you would need a ginormous piece of fabric. Glass on top of the surface to protect it from spills? Would you put it on a real table to dry? But then how would you take it off? Maybe PAM? Just thinking out loud :)
I've been trying similar things. I don't have a cloth like that shown. It's extremely difficult. I'm not sure I can make it with regular cloth.
The cloth used is crocheted, some kind of open V-stitch. It's probably a light-weight rayon or something. If you tried it with regular fabric, try a light-weight muslin or similar. Use a cotton or other fabric with good absorption properties. Soak the fabric in the stiffening solution long enough to make sure it completely saturates the cloth. Muslin wouldn't hold much, but you could probably use paper plates on it to hold light-weight food like potato chips.
I see, thanks for the information! :-)
IWTFM jianqiang8 years ago
Cover the table first with plastic wrap to protect it from the stiffening solution. That would also make it easy to remove once the stiffener dried. Make sure the plastic is pulled tight and smooth so wrinkles don't stick up into the tablecloth mesh.
ashmackey8 years ago
Here's a ridiculously extravagant chair by Marcel Wanders for Droog Design. The rope (aramid and carbon fibre) is soaked in some sort of epoxy resin and left to set. Perhaps we all could learn something from Marcel. I think that liquid resin is relatively cheap to buy and once you get the shape correct with fishing line or a small frame you're in business.
The Jamalam8 years ago
Wow, that is impressive :)
chickchoc8 years ago
Seems to me that if you used clear acrylic sheets for legs and a top to which the tablecloth was affixed, it would give the illlusion of suspension. A bit of creative folding would disguide the support system.
Bradlez928 years ago
wait so how'd you make this again?
Goodhart8 years ago
One could even use stiff wire to hold it up or help hold it up.

Of, if you want to get tricky for a not so up close-up illusion just hang it from the four corners with nylon fishing line ;-)
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