Take a Black and White Photo, Get a patch!

 Hello again.

It's time for another photo contest!
This month the theme is a nice broad one, just to get things going after the first one last month.

Black and White

This months theme is Black and White.
Try and focus on those distinctive shapes and defined shadows that make black and white photos pop.
Get into the mindset of what will look good when in black and white. A good contrast is normally a good basis for a black and white photo.

Any black and white photo is allowed, digital or analogue. Nearly all modern digital cameras have a black and white mode.

The one stipulation is that you have to go and take a new photo!
Not just upload an old photo.
The idea is to encourage you to take some new pics, opposed to showing off what we have done before.

Attached are a couple of shots I took today!

Every black and white photo uploaded gets a Patch!

If I missed giving you a patch last month, let me know in your comment, and I will send you one of each to make up.

Picture of Take a Black and White Photo, Get a patch!
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Yarrow bloom.
Hello Kitty7 years ago
Hello Kitty: (I know, shocking, right? :)
zpollack7 years ago
flower in bw.jpgcamera bw.jpg
zpollack7 years ago
bauble7 years ago
Old but loved squeaker toy that sits near my computer.
Kryptonite7 years ago
black and white!.jpg
gwylan7 years ago
Here's view out my front door this morning (once I figured out the black & white  setting on my camera).
morning porch.jpg
Another one, just for fun.
quesoman7 years ago
 heres my photo. its not very noticable but my guitar is missing the high E string.
black and white cross and guitar.jpg
red-king7 years ago
 some of my Port Orford cedar arrows with field points on them, and my incredibly comfortable, and warm rabbit fur hat.
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