Take a Black and White Photo, Get a patch!

 Hello again.

It's time for another photo contest!
This month the theme is a nice broad one, just to get things going after the first one last month.

Black and White

This months theme is Black and White.
Try and focus on those distinctive shapes and defined shadows that make black and white photos pop.
Get into the mindset of what will look good when in black and white. A good contrast is normally a good basis for a black and white photo.

Any black and white photo is allowed, digital or analogue. Nearly all modern digital cameras have a black and white mode.

The one stipulation is that you have to go and take a new photo!
Not just upload an old photo.
The idea is to encourage you to take some new pics, opposed to showing off what we have done before.

Attached are a couple of shots I took today!

Every black and white photo uploaded gets a Patch!

If I missed giving you a patch last month, let me know in your comment, and I will send you one of each to make up.

Picture of Take a Black and White Photo, Get a patch!
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Yarrow bloom.
Hello Kitty6 years ago
Hello Kitty: (I know, shocking, right? :)
zpollack6 years ago
flower in bw.jpgcamera bw.jpg
zpollack6 years ago
bauble6 years ago
Old but loved squeaker toy that sits near my computer.
Kryptonite6 years ago
black and white!.jpg
gwylan6 years ago
Here's view out my front door this morning (once I figured out the black & white  setting on my camera).
morning porch.jpg
Another one, just for fun.
quesoman6 years ago
 heres my photo. its not very noticable but my guitar is missing the high E string.
black and white cross and guitar.jpg
red-king6 years ago
 some of my Port Orford cedar arrows with field points on them, and my incredibly comfortable, and warm rabbit fur hat.
Pretty, did you make them?
nope. I bought them from 3 rivers archery. All I did was mount the points.
Oh good, I was gonna post my bamboo arrow instructable, eventually, and those make mine look terrible.
 I'm absolutely terrible at mounting points. I had to wrap some jute cord around it to hide the hot glue...
glowdog6 years ago
Empty Room with ladders.
Empty Room.jpg
bertus52x116 years ago
Cool idea!  Am I too late? 
arynraynes6 years ago
one of my favourite toys that sits by my comp all day
wufeisgirl6 years ago
Yay for weddings!! :) 
Creativeman6 years ago
I couldn't choose just one!
bloke20226 years ago
Here's mine.
caffino546 years ago

Your avatar says it all.
Wasagi6 years ago
 This was part of a multitude of pictures I took of Army Men portraying the battle of Stalingrad. The first is just the second one zoomed in and cropped, but they're some of my favorites form it.
Shadowman396 years ago
Here's mine. :-)
Kiteman6 years ago
Are we allowed a small cheat?

I took this about an hour ago, lifting the lid of the blue-tit box in our garden and poking the camera through for a moment.

There are actually six young blue tits in the nest, but two a quite small, and get sat on a lot.

Feed me.jpg
Kiteman Kiteman6 years ago
Although, I can't decide if I prefer it with more of the beaks in colour...
Feed me 2.jpg
Oh - I love that!
I'm glad somebody likes it (looks pointedly at Jake).
I'm all that matters, right? ;D

I once tried to keep a nest of orphaned baby birds alive on worms I dug up from the backyard, cooing eep, eep, eep, eep, to get them to open their mouths. I fed them A LOT of worms, but they wound up not surviving despite my best efforts. :(
Of course (this is the second year blue tits have tried to raise a brood in the box - last year was a failure, two sad little half-fledged corpses).
gmjhowe (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
 Is this your entry?

1. It seems to have found its way on as a reply
2. Its not black & white. Colour pick outs may be saved for another time!
Kiteman gmjhowe6 years ago
I guess that's a "no" to small cheats, then...
 here is my photo:

bADiTCH6 years ago
 Here's mine.
Hunter O.6 years ago
black and white.JPG
zascecs6 years ago
Just the dog's chew toy and some T.V. effects.
tonkatruck6 years ago

yokozuna6 years ago
Inspired by a certain avatar, i was curious how this would turn out.  Keeping my eye open for the flash wasn't as hard as I thought, but it does make me look a bit angry. :)

gmjhowe (author)  yokozuna6 years ago
 Yeah, I must have taken about 30 odd shots. I had to use lots of external light, and some macro extension tubes. I also used it hooked upto my computer so I could use my iPod to trigger, and see what I was photo'ing with live view, with my other eye.
lowercase6 years ago
 A storm panorama (3 pictures stitched together)
gmjhowe (author)  lowercase6 years ago
 Thats a nice picture. Lightening always makes for great shots!
Notbob6 years ago
I wish I had some of my film negatives scanned in to my computer, ohboy do i have a lot from photography class.
Hiyadudez6 years ago
I did a few out of boredom :-)

B and W.bmpB and W three.bmpB and W two.bmp
MotaBoi6 years ago
 Here's a wire sculpture I made, its a runner :P
cbauman796 years ago
zeechan6 years ago

thelandlord6 years ago
If anybody is watching their weight, this should help - it'll put you off your breakfast!  :-) 
You need an avatar...
A Good point well made - I'll use that mugshot.  :-) 
Kaiven6 years ago
 An old knife I made for a friend... tiny little thing...
steve.b6 years ago

thelandlord6 years ago
Here's my ham radio rig - it lives on the desk beside my monitor. 
Zem6 years ago
 Picture of our van's right side front brake. Taken on my new camera =D
ChrysN6 years ago
Here's a couple of mine.
very nice, i like the keyboard one
This is a b&w photo from budapest
 Well, here is my photo for this month.
macgeek6 years ago
I am so happy Spring is here, Photo taken at the lake in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Kiteman macgeek6 years ago
I do like that.

Geese are nature's schizophrenics - grace and elegance one minute, hissing fury the next.

macgeek macgeek6 years ago
Taken with a Canon 5d Mark II - 400mm Zoom lens
mt2706 years ago
 Here's mine- taken in Florida
orlando florida B&W.jpg
ph1lt3ch6 years ago
rogers2366 years ago
ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
Here's mine.
Sorry about the quality, bad lighting and taken on a cell phone.
noahh6 years ago
Here's one of my favorite B&W pictures I've ever taken:

Clayton H.6 years ago
Here's one from my phone of my backyard. I took it last year.
kcls6 years ago
A few flowers and a motorcycle that was parked at the marina we are at. All taken withe my still trusty Canon Powershot A540, and my super cool new Joby Gorillapod magnetic. 
kcls kcls6 years ago
Whoops! Forgot the pictures. Here they are:
IMG_2366 black and white.JPGIMG_2380 black and white.JPGIMG_2377 black and white.JPG
gmjhowe (author)  kcls6 years ago
 Very nice! Third one is my Fav.
I didn't want to get off the couch, my keys were handy.

kcls6 years ago
Darn it! I was going to do a flower... Now I have to think of something else.
gmjhowe (author)  kcls6 years ago
 I did a flower as the example image, you can do a flower also.

heres your pics dude
I see a challenge! But then I read the rest of the description and its far too easy.