Take a tour of Instructables!

There's so much cool stuff here, I thought people (new and old) might enjoy a guided tour.

Instructables is a web-based documentation platform where passionate people share what they do and how they do it, and learn from and collaborate with others. These awesome people make it all happen. The seeds of Instructables germinated at the MIT Media Lab as the future founders of Squid Labs built places to share their projects and help others; more history is here.

Instructables is the combination of a number of things. First, there are the Instructables themselves. These are step-by-step descriptions of things people want to share. They are educational, inspirational, and often replicable.

The Dachshund Wheel chair is my favorite. A passionate user shared something close to his heart, and has had a positive impact on many lives.

There's the whimsical: Magnetic Acrylic Rubik's Cube. And, of course, the whimsical inspired by the whimsical: Magnetic Rubik's Dice Cube. And, the plain ridiculous: How to Get a Free Yacht and its complete saga.

A cornerstone of what makes Instructables great is the comments. People ask questions, give praise, or offer improvements; this sets up a conversation between the project author and the community. Check out this cookie recipe where the author responds to a question about substitutions for someone who wants cookies now.

Many of the best Instructables have won one of our contests: Show Your Heart Valentine's Day Contest, Holiday Homemade Gifts contest, Take Thanksgiving to the Next Level contest, Halloween Project contest, and The Magnet Challenge.

Instructables has a lively forum for opinion and discussion. Really smart and talented people hang out here. Have a look at a forum topic on water tunnel testing complete with Reynold's number equations.

Finally, what really makes Instructables great is the community surrounding it. These are passionate people that want to share what they did and how they did it. In recognition of this, Instructables won the 2006 Wired Rave Award for industrial design. Instructables gave power to the individuals so they could positively impact the world. Also, check out some of the news articles about Instructables.

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Frank-195726 days ago

Thank you :)

AiltonL6 months ago


Juki627 months ago

Thank you

nabilinda7 months ago

Thanks so much! I'm eager to get involved on the part of my students.

Magnavox9011 months ago

Glad I found this place. It's an amazing thing when people come together to learn and share!

Recordeer11 months ago

A much better site than Pinterest. So long, my pinning days are over!

HayleyW1411 months ago

cool I love instrucbables

flaming robot11 months ago

Hi, I'm new to the community but so far I love it! I can build everything!

Ria Hassan1 year ago

Please help me to write down the code on arduino for the 8x8x8 led cube.

I am so excited to get started I bought a C02 Laser and here I am learning how to use it as well as all the other very cool things

Thank you Thank you :) wonderful

It will put you on until you start designing your own.

BTW, very useful resource to start of vaguely box-shaped projects:


snowlily1 year ago

I was very fortunate to receive a Premium membership as a gift, and on behalf of all my students thank you. I am so excited to be part of this awesome community :)

I've never been a very 'arty' person but I have recently become involved in an after school club for young children. I have great ideas but not the first clue about how to achieve them so Instructables has already answered some of those questions, like, how to use gelatine to make a mould. Great stuff! I'm sure I'll be on here a lot and, who knows I might produce an Instructables myself!

arinanu1 year ago

Instructables is a web-based documentation platform where passionate people share what they do and how they do it, and learn from and collaborate with others. These awesome people make it all happen. The seeds of Instructables germinated at the MIT Media Lab as the future founders of Squid Labs built places to share their projects and help others; more history is here.

Instructables is the combination of a number of things. First, there are the Instructables themselves. These are step-by-step descriptions of things people want to share. They are educational, inspirational, and often replicable.

arinanu1 year ago

I've been looking up to instructables for years. I am really happy to be part of this community

Hey everyone!

I was really surprised after I asked a question to your team, and I received a Premium membership as a gift?! Wow, that is wonderful. I've been looking up to instructables for years. I am really happy to be part of this community.

Use it wisely - post an instructable, take a class...

sk3601 year ago

happy to be here.

Lots to Discover here!!


michalak41 year ago

very informative

DougM651 year ago

I am happy to have finally joined the community!

avanyway1 year ago

good i like

rosimorho1 year ago


evapersons1 year ago

i need to have a canadian number

thats y i kame ova here


want that number for use

Jacelto1 year ago

This website is very cool. I enjoy it!

<3 Instructables!! (helped me understand the last step to making a ninja star! YEY!!)

1) Where is this so-called 'Guided Tour'? 2) What exactly IS the purpose of this Comment section?? No matter what question/ feedback I've seen posted, it seems the answer is 'HERE is not the appropriate place to ask/ say that' (BTW, these sometimes not-so-nice replies are all from fellow Pro users, NOT staffers OR Instructables moderators)

1) The article above your comment 2) the reason we say this is not the right place is that if you post a forum topic you will get the attention of the staff (and we aren't trying to be mean we are just trying to help solve their problem)

sanjibt1 year ago


this website is really cool. you can find almost everything!!!

Crux alpha2 years ago

Instructables is very good

Wow I feel like I've found my peeps! This site is awesome. Thanks Eric

GLaDOS_2 years ago


EzyCraft2 years ago

Love this site.. can't wait to join the communities!

this site has all i need.I can find anything here

Thanks a lot

zsazsa6662 years ago

So glad I found this site. I love trying new things and will share some of my bizarre art and DIY soon.


Well, I finally found an
interesting web page...

daisy4512 years ago
When ever i make an instructable it will not let me publish it

I see that you have just published an instructable. I'm not sure why you think it didn't publish. In the future, be sure to post comments like these in the correct forum.

Hello Everyone...glad to join...not usually very "flashy" when it comes to profile pics, but particularly wanted to make a statement on this forum due to the fact I took a ride on a crazy train to get here!!!!!!

MSX3clcs2 years ago


I am having some issue of staying logged in when I try to add to a collection. how do i move from the draft tab tohave the ability to add to a collection?


you should probably make a forum topic about the problem because you wont get much help when you post on an unrelated topic

1357900alex2 years ago

Не добавляются ключевые слова в посте

Почему нет?

Как оказалось при включенном в яндекс-браузере переводчики ключевые слова не добавляются. Теперь уже разобрался, все ок


Jasun2 years ago

Hi, I'm looking to build of long range locators for search of gold. Please help me with an idea to pick which is a good kind of instructables match for device-search coil/ antenna, transceiver, frequency meter/ counter, vibration, light led, radar, and gps. I'm looking to forward hearing from someone as soon as possible.

you should post this as a forum topic instead of as a comment

Thanks for your help!

patitan2 years ago

Hi, this structure is really great that you have installed and if the value of the case. God inspire you like and you ...! VERY, VERY, LIVE

Adoro novidades, quero dividir meu trabalho com vocês ensinando e aprendendo, valeu!


We are a very excited couple for starting using Instructables ;) Gonna upload right away what we did in our cooking show last week! More to come! Love from Portugal to everyone in here!

nearg1233 years ago

Can I use these ideas freely or do I have to ask the owner of the idea?

Check the licence of the project, but the default licence means you can use them freely, as long as you do not benefit commercially.

(Sorry it took so long for you to get a reply.)

rdhochbaum2 years ago

why do many of the pictures that I try to upload not come out and I get a picture that says undefined instead?

That question needs its own forum topic, probably in the Bugs forum.

AdnamaG3 years ago

hi I'm new

Hi im new I cant wait to get started!!! and make friends

Tungtono3 years ago

Get started

tower7653 years ago

Does Instructables help a creator/contributor pursue a patent, and/or help to find a manufacturer and otherwise bring a product to market?


The vast majority of projects shared here are open source.

You might try the Kickstarter forums?

kokopona3 years ago

Hello I am just new, I think I have come to the right place and a great community, I hoping to learn as much from you guys and implements some of the project I feel is important to take on.

I hope that looking for something that is important doesn't get in the way of just making something and documenting it...

hamid45123 years ago

hello all i am hamid from IRAN my language persian

Thanks for advice and thank you all.

pjckmen3 years ago

I love it

Routy7 pjckmen3 years ago

Routy7 says good start. .NOW! how do I "look up" the subject i need. Where is the "search bar"

Kiteman Routy73 years ago

Look to the top-right of the page. The "Let's make" box searches the instructables, and the "Search forums" box searches the forums.

Be creative , : be open to new ideas a all the time and be open to. New ideas and new approaches to your endeavors.

mcayer153 years ago

well i like the intro to it all

karmons3 years ago

Hola como busco mis instructables?gracias

dihioussama3 years ago
Hi People, how to make on this instructables my projects

At the top, click 'create'

JM19993 years ago

Is there any tour available for a large family at instructables HQ in the following few years?

Hello, all.
Who can help me with a good image program for picture optimization for my website? Thanks in advance.

Have you tried Pixlr or GIMP?

Maybe you know some good programs for picture compressing?
Thanks a lot in advance. )

Sorry, but Google is your friend...

Right :), there are a lot of programs there a I have already found one, XnView, thanks Kiteman, for your kind help.

You're welcome.

Oh, not yet, thanks Kiteman for your kind advice, I will :)

JBC20103 years ago

Hello all, This Newbie is in Bullhead City, AZ. Hoping to find yummy recipes and fun DIY projects and share some of mine.

akd54543 years ago
Can any one suggest me , from where can I procure NdFeB Magnets, of size 50mm X 50mm X 12.5mm, grade 45, Qty,12 Nos, for my project on 'Free Energy'. And what is the cost, that I have to pay?, I SHALL MAKE THE PAYMENTS ON "CASH ON DELIVERY" BASIS, WHEN IT REACHES AT MY POSTAL ADDRESS.Thanks. A.K.Das.
dihioussama3 years ago
Hi People, how to make on this instructables my projects
Jayesin3 years ago
I'm new too. I have a major question: Is there a index of projects where we can go and look at projects already in the system????
Kiteman Jayesin3 years ago
You can browse sections by clicking the Explore tab at the top-left of the page, or search on a specific theme by using the "Let's make" search box at the top-right.
kvkkumar83 years ago

Pranaam to all .......................
I am research scholar and a small painter . I need a old computer to complete my research work .
Please give an information that how to get free old computer to me .
Thank you ..............................
Krishna kumar K.V. ( kvkkumar8@yahoo.com )
reraer4 years ago
What benefits do I receive since I became a Pro Member? I was unable to download instructions for a tote made from feed bags so I payed for Pro Membership. Would I have been able to download that without this? Thanks
Kiteman reraer4 years ago
Downloading is just for pros.
bushra saad4 years ago
hi what is keyword
It's a word that helps other people to find what they are searching for - like tags.
Kiteman4 years ago
For any project, there's a "download" button just below the title.
how do you upload a profile picture
Go to your "You" page, and look to the left of the page for the words "Change Image(s)".

Click that, and you're away.
I wish the categories were more broken down. For example if I'm looking for tips on pro e/creo where do I go. If there was a cad category I would go into that and have all other cad platforms under it. Maybe searching would be a good method I don't know.
You can use the searches, but if I have a specific problem with a specific piece of software, the first thing do is look for dedicated help pages or forums.

If that doesn't work (and, so far, it has), I would contact the software publisher directly, and at the same time put a question in the Answers section here.
Jjcharris4 years ago
I made a wood fired oven last year and took pics along the way. Would that be a good topic or has someone already done it? Made it for under $200.00.
There's a saying...
You should share it. Even if it's been "done" before, I bet no one has made it exact the way you did.
psandhu4 years ago
I just joined. Thought it would be nice to work on something new. I hope it works.
ray603044 years ago
WOW there are others out there who are as goofy as I am! If anyone needs carton or display construction ideas or solutions - please ask. I have 40 years of making things that get thrown out.

Start posting instructables, then at least you'll have a photographic archive!
CANNOT THINK of a dang idea
vintammy4 years ago
Hey, this is just amazing and incredible stuff. I plan to use it to get ideas and as a resource for stuff that i plan to create.
I hope to use Instructables as a resource of new and creative ideas. I also hope to provide some of my own projects that might be of interest to the community.
Cool - what are you planning on posting?
I'm not sure. I plan on working on a project with my grandson. He's interested in robotics so that might be the direction we go. It will probably be designed around an Arduino Nano.
There are plenty of resources here to work with.
You may be interested in Instructable's resources for teachers.
Thank you. I'll be sure to check it out. We need all the help we can get to keep our instruction current and interesting.
bobalbury4 years ago
I appreciate people's creativity. This is both an informative and creative site. Well done, Bravo B )
Mr. Chango4 years ago
see i just found your site while surfin' the web and i faund it just amazing.
I think you ppl do a great job. I found very useful many of the articles and pdf docs that you share. I hope i can share something that can be as useful as it is for me.

Haris244 years ago
Hi this page is nice
Chrize4 years ago
I want to make a device that accepts voice commands(google calls it digital assistanance) searches the voice input in the memory which contains the command and then gives the output on the screen.......
eg.if I say 1+2 EQULAS......(here it should give an answer)........
how n frm where should I start?????
Kiteman Chrize4 years ago
You ought to start a fresh forum topic to ask this question.

CLICK HERE to start the topic.
tijaabo4 years ago
hey folks how i download ebook cuz he refuse me every time heeeeeeeeelp
Kiteman tijaabo4 years ago
eBooks are a pro feature.
Phumlani994 years ago
guys please help me out here, i wanna make or rather create an instruction manual for DIY flat pack Kitchen and BIC units.
Create an instructable on building them, then download the PDF.
wije6 years ago
Hi I am a business minded person .and specialized in appropriate technology.I feel most of the instructables are related to the same.Believe me,last 18 years I am in business buy selling creative products. I am open to help those who needs
Pozemku wije5 years ago
Hello! how are you, i do a lot of arduino, and i can do anything, if you have a business project in mind or an idea, tell me and i will make that true in arduino.

(Im business man too, i like forex market)
My friend is interesting at it,you can contact me and discuss.
yubah2002 wije4 years ago
hi can u help me to recall on how to devide this number?8/20?
coolfix wije5 years ago
One of my known source of poor women wanted to make a living by making paper bags,and paper covers used for paking,made from old magazines and news papers,they require marketing help,can u help.
Chrize4 years ago
I want to make a device that accepts voice commands(google calls it digital assistanance) searches the voice input in the memory which contains the command and then gives the output on the screen.......
eg.if I say 1+2 EQULAS......(here it should give an answer)........
how n frm where should I start?????
hacard4 years ago
Hola; Cordial saludo.

Seria posible que esta pagina la mostraran en español.
Loa temas son muy interesantes e instructivos, pero... desafortunadamente se encuentran escritos en ingles y es muy tedioso traducirlos.

Gracias por su atención.
Kiteman hacard4 years ago
Hello, Hacard, 
You may be interested in the comments on this topic: 

Hola, Hacard, 
Usted puede estar interesado en los comentarios sobre este tema: 

nachiketa4 years ago
What is the meaning of ' favorite' tag
When you 'favorite' something you can easily find it again in your You page, under the Instructables tab, then favorites
Oh ok ok
Hi,I want to make a tesla coil at home so I need some instructions to make one.
At the top of every page, there's a search box that says "let's make" in front of it.

Type tesla coil in there, and then pick the result you prefer.
Lvdvgallery4 years ago
Just want to know if filling a wooden rain barrel with water will keep it from leaking?An old wine barrel.
If the barrel dried down too far the staves will have changed their shape and will have to be reshaped ( planed ) The hoops will need retightening and small imperfections between staves and between staves and the ends are usually patched with reeds Then the barrel has to be kept wet with sacking on the outside when not full of water or the same problem returns !
"Depends" is the answer. If it has dried out too much no amount of soaking will help. If it is just seepage when first filled then the wood should expand and close the gaps. Wish I could help more but going on my memory from the wood barrels at the farm when I was a kid.
fkuunang4 years ago
hi to anyone how looking at this message, i need you to tell me how i can join the freemason and secured my life and rich and famous .
happytobeme4 years ago
sounds like a nice site:)
mpenaman4 years ago
how do you make something and show it to people
How you make something is up to you (that's kind of the point), but take plenty of photos as you go, and then publish an instructable by hitting the "Create" tab at the top of the page and go from there.
cuznjun4 years ago
First day in, how can i edit a instructable that i have succesfully posted
When logged in, open the project of yours that you want to edit. On the right-hand side of the page will be author options, click edit
tigers584 years ago
I'm new to instructables, and I have some followers. So, what about followers? Do followers get automatic e-mails when someone posts a comment about the instructable, or when I reply to a comment? What about forums? Is there a handy list of forums on here someplace? And finally, for the time being, why isn't the word "instructables" in the text spell checker dictionary? :-)
When you post a new project, or start a new forum topic, they'll get an automated alert so they can check it out.

As for forums, click the "Community" tab at the top of the page - it's obvious from there.

You're welcome!
I'm new, and i have a question: Does anyone know if using an iPod for my photos will work out well?
As long as you keep them in focus, well-lit, and cropped as necessary, iPod photos are fine.
BdaSpidey4 years ago
I have just joined instructables. I started with a post on the FAQ for help with my car battery. Now that I have asked for help, what happens next? Do I get an email or do I just keep checking the forum?
If somebody replies to your post, you will get a note in your own Comments page, and you will get an email to the address you started the account with.
Kiteman Kiteman4 years ago
(Oh, and you ought to move the topic to "ride", then you will be more likely to get the right person adding a comment.)
Do I have to re-create the message and originate it in ride. I don't see how to move it.
If you go to your topic, there's a button to edit the topic - click that, and you should get the option of re-classifying it.
Thanks for advice. Not quite sure how to move it to "ride" but I'll figure it out.
colin,s5 years ago
thank you all
dushant colin,s4 years ago
weel come .......
crumpets5 years ago
Hello all,

I've just joined and from some of the comments it looks like fun.
I will be posting some of my recipes for food stuff that I have attempted to have a go at....some actually tasted good...after a few glasses of wine.
crumpets, I'm new here as well. I'm still trying to figure out how everything works out here.
Welcome aboard!
Welcome, one and all!
dushant Kiteman4 years ago
Looks good where's the recipe?
I'll post the recipe over the weekend, thanks for checking.
dushant4 years ago
hi! my name is dushant/sagar iam new at this site so pls help me to know more about this site nd iam going to post my new instructable on sunday so pls see it ..........
Well, I joined about four days ago, and even before I knew how to use the page I got answers to some of my questions. I like it already. As soon as my project is done, I will post an instructable. Glad to be here.
billiejoe4 years ago
A friend gave me a free 3 month promo code and I can not find where to enter it . Can someone please help me . Thank You
Moem billiejoe4 years ago
Hi BillieJoe,
Try here.
I am a Royal Ranger Boys Leader, always looking for age appropriate projects for boys ages 7-14 years old.

The Royal Ranger program is a mentoring program with an emphasis on building a solid relationship with God, and followed by adventures in HIS great outdoors.

I am looking for excellent ideas/projects to be used while hiking and camping. Projects that are old school rustic, simple, primitive and inxpensive are most welcomed. I personally enjoy projects like "home-made wood and alcohol stoves."

I welcome your ideas. Think back to your youth and help me come up with cool ideas to teach my boys an "unplugged" life outdoors.

Many thanks and God Bless.

Faith Walker
AT Thru-Hiker
We have an entire "Outdoors" section you will probably enjoy browsing, though I ought to warn you; we are a largely rationalist / secular bunch here, so very few projects are influenced by any deity.

(If you've got the brass for it, we do occasionally have some rather, er, robust discussions of a theological nature. Be prepared to be subject to quite knowledgable/enthusiastic cross-examination.)
Kiteman Kiteman5 years ago
Gah, forgot to add the link, sorry: https://www.instructables.com/tag/type-id/category-outside/

(I blame the time - it's ten minutes into Friday over here.)
raquelcmd5 years ago
pleas vote on my 2 year old baby for the halloween costume contes pleas and thank you come see the most beautiful bee you ever seen her name is ja,niyah shes 2 and her birthday is feb 16 ...............give her all the love u can thanks ag
Hi all,
This is youngkennyblade here some of you might recodnize my username from another site. That is true I am also a Kongregate member. i plan to post
stuff about

Soda (specificly mountain dew)

New era caps.

Tech stuff

and I might post some nerf stuff too.

Still working on an avatar though.

mary=g5 years ago
Hi I am new to this site & have no ideal what I am doing I came on
here looking for some inf. on spider plants & was amased & how much they gave me & had it in no time. thank you.I like cooking & gathing recipe so I will
try to fine some.
Kiteman mary=g5 years ago

Don't forget, as well, that you can post your own projects - remember to take lots of photos as you go.
jht1005 years ago
I'm a soon to be retired chemist, just joining on.
Hopefuly "instructables" will help keep me creative once I take that step.
Kiteman jht1005 years ago

We'll be looking for some interesting projects that exploit your skill-set.
tengs5 years ago
can anyone tell me abt this..i din understood anithing..jz signed in!!!
maybe you can make the clothes as you wear or how pictures can look very fashionable
For all we know she's a professional welder, mechanic or programmer...
Moem tengs5 years ago
Please scroll to the top and read the posting you just replied to. It should help a lot.
cheetahgirl5 years ago
who knows how to save an instructable while your working on it but cant finish it?
The 'save' button does exactly that. You can edit it as often as you like, and then publish it when you feel it's ready.
hotgasser5 years ago
Hi everyone I am new here and I am wondering how to post the things you make onto the site. I will love any help provided. Thanks (:
Moem hotgasser5 years ago
Look for the 'create' menu in the top bar, it will answer all of your questions.
DRAS5 years ago
Hi Friends hope all Enjoying site n making full use of it.i am new to this site and it very useful for me.most grate thankful instructables for giving more useful information.............10x
grayguy DRAS5 years ago
good website
dragonfly555 years ago
Lemon Juice & Salt! Lemon Juice & Salt!! What a Revelation!! I am new to instructables, finding you by chance or determination, am certainly happy I did! We were having a terrible time finding a solution to a mishap of rust on a full load of white wash. Every site we scanned indicated there was no real chance at saving our clothing, which was rather heartbreaking as to some of the items in it. Then you appeared on our screen!! What an amazing discovery!! Never before have I seen such an easy solution to such a difficult problem. My family & I thank you, tip our hats to the originator of the cure, & may all those with rust on their clothing - soak them in thick, salty, lemon juice, & bake them nicely in the hot sun for an hour or so, to see the miracle appear! Dragonfly55
AshleighLm5 years ago
Hi all. This site is amazing! I'm wondering if there are any cool pages for adding to nonelectric scooters. Got two toolboxes, a leatherman, two pocket knives and a treehouse and I'm ready to get going.

When you say "non electric scooters", you mean like the Razor scooters? You can try here
Yes I mean Razor scooters. Thank you.
prisha5 years ago
hello im new to this site nd i love itt
Hello every body,I just registered :)
Hello and welcome to the community! We're a very friendly and helpful group here, so feel free to reach out if you need help navigating the site and posting.
sharathspl5 years ago
make this site as free site so that many people will be benefited
Moem sharathspl5 years ago
You got your wish. It's free!
How do i favorite/save an Instructable that i would like to view later?
At the top of the page, there's a button you can hit.
rajan1435 years ago
I am very much thankful to this sites which helps me to do something in life.. n i have now keen interest to do big one....Those who shares their knowledge and inspires us to do that i say "Thank U" from the bottom of my heart.....
Hey guys i want to make a gyrocopter that run successfully ..... n i want ur help..so, please help me from this forum....
You'd best start a new forum topic to get answers for this one.
tr2n5 years ago
Great website,always having a nosy so decided to join.
Kiteman tr2n5 years ago
how do i get a profile pic?
If you click on the "You" button at the top of the page, then look to the left, you should see a button that says "change image".

Click that, and you'll be able to upload an image.
rshortell5 years ago
just received assistance with a login difficulty never in my net lifetime have I gotten such fast straight forward courteous service from anyone!!!!
jerrylong5 years ago
hi ,everyone ,i just register it
eastomjac5 years ago
glad to have found this site.ive got a lot of exploreig to do.ive already conquered 1 project with the info here.cant wait for more.
riya31206 years ago
Hi All!!! I just logged in this site....gud to be here!!!!
Yobs5 years ago
haha ! EUREKA ! all u I's staff  here are so cool really !
jsvstx5 years ago
the instructables is so cool!
Hello everyone! I love Instructables and I am so glad that it exists. I am working on my first Instructable! :)
Jamoalbr5 years ago
Hello, I'm new here, but I hope to work with my ideas and exchange information with all the "experts" who are part of the Instructables!
Humans have a basic need to know stuff. That's how we made fire work for us. Through fire we became the apex predator. What we did not know all along was that the very thing that seperated us from the other animals was also the very thing that was slowly detroying the planet by means of Carbon Dioxide and Carbon monoxide emmissions. Evolution had a price tag ...

By sharing knowledge with others, this collaboration can only be a good thing for mankind - you guys are great !
Devy975 years ago
I completely agree. This website is so cool. :) There's heaps of new and exciting things to make and do on here everyday so I will never be bored again!!! Also, I'd really love to get around to uploading some origami creations of mine with some step-by-step instructions so that I can bring something else to the table. This is such a smart idea for a website. 'Onya Instructables!
jelly8286 years ago
just now i joined this website ,its so cool ,may i send email to your website?????
ricjac jelly8285 years ago
hi how are you this web site my name is rich this site is pretty cool i like to make thing with my and mine you get a lots of ideas on site

Your cuteee
dylan97155 years ago
sorry but this is my first comment on here
mutai5 years ago
for sure this is the best place to be especially for the young people who want to invest in the current technology.

lorkaiko6 years ago
hola ..soy nuevo ..estoy segudo año en electronica..y me encanta..muchos proyectos ..mucho que aprende..gracias..saludos..
moodlight5 years ago
Awesome work !! People around the World sharing their knowledge to the core is a rare thing now... Happy to be a part of it !!!
i got a instructables account about two months ago and visit it more than five times a day.... im hooked
swimator5 years ago
awesome instructables here, keep it up folks
I've been on this site for a while now and I think it is so well done and you get to see some great ideas, I have 148 favourites, I don't know how I'm ever going to make or improve or try them out - I live in hope, and the people here are GREAT here!
arzia5 years ago
different isn't always better but the best is always different.

I love this site and all of who share the project.

Thank u guys, live your dream and share your passion.
arcman5 years ago
A great site full of knowledge & experiences,A big THANKS to all!
lalmarina5 years ago
wow, this side hlep me a lot, all the things that i want is in here, for me i'll give seven star( * * * * * * * )
Azoo5 years ago
A great site full of experiences .
hi i jst joined kiteman i heard u have many comments on this site ;-)
asmart46 years ago
I want to find a cure to viral infection but first of all,is virus having nucleus?
sbrenzola6 years ago
ciao mi sono appena iscritta, ma ancora non riesco a capirci niente, vediamo in futuro...
Nooo... Non ci credo un'italiana su instructable.... Fantastico
DJsArt6 years ago
I love this website. So much to see. Thanks to everyone who shares their talents.
Broccoliwad6 years ago
Hi to everyone! just want to share with this community our new project !
It is a : Rubber Band Money Holder !
Please check it out : www.broccoliwad.com
Simple ,cool and very inexpensive , cheers
Do u like victoria justice shadowed
Joined a couple weeks ago and releasing my first instructable tomorrow for the spray paint contest, it's gonna be a tough one. :D
Dang... Out of paint, guess I'm moving to the cardboard contest!
WOW! Lost my cord, now I'm outta both.. Guess I'll go buy a new one..
Because you didnt answer me
Hey shadowed
Welcome, SA

sudipta4976 years ago
msg is not sent on 59479
Robert T.6 years ago
I just reel over here and I feel happy just being around so much creativity! Thank you one and all! Thanks for being here! Robert T.
skhoun6 years ago
hello ! I feel very happy..................
Wow this sight is amazing!!!
Isn't it just?

Welcome to the site, by the way. I have my own Leatherman...
i have three ( or at least claim three two of which actully belong to my father)
This site is sooooo badass. Can't wait!!!
builderkidj6 years ago
I'm new i just joined...about 5 minutes ago and thanks I build stuff all the time
i love making things too ,see my instructables
me 2
Lots of links, and many many people here to help with whatever you may need to get familar with the site.
osman26 years ago
I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR SITE LIKE THIS ALL MY LIFE. Ok guys i am not yelling at anybody, i am just very excited. Big thanks to the founder and ya all.
BuhBomb6 years ago
hbherigstad6 years ago
I think this site is so informing and interesting that I just had to take time out to say how much I appreciate the way that this is set up. Good job.
heelo people who use instructables be shure to check my instructables out
Kirex6 years ago
Hello world!
printf "hello world, & hello Kirex "
Kiteman Kirex6 years ago
World says "hello!".
aashilrv6 years ago
Wow,now i visit instructables more often than facebook.LOL
devilmaycry6 years ago
whtz up boyz/!! just logged in this site
clax12276 years ago
Anybody who's intrested in what I am pm me i like making things out of paracord
good site i just log in and feel prety much batter..
Panzer 956 years ago
Hi new how do ya send mail and get in box please txt back

If you're referring to PMs (Private Messages, Instructables' in-site messaging system), click on any member's name, and when you get to their page, click the orange "Private Message" button under their profile picture. To read a message someone has sent to you, simply click the "Inbox" link in the upper left hand corner of any page. When you get a message, it will change to reflect the number of unread message in your inbox, from "Inbox (0)" to "Inbox (1)".

brusho1506 years ago
HI to everyone!! i am new in this and i am about to take admission in electronic engineering (BS) i want to ask that "i have few projects how can i upload them?"
Nobody replied? Hit the big Submit link at the top of any page and follow the guidance.
riodemio6 years ago
hello everyone, it's very kind of me to join with you all ^_^
whow, Hai! :)
sanusunny6 years ago
hai , i am sanu..,i wish to be with you people
Hi...where are you from?
aeray sanusunny6 years ago
Welcome, Sanu.
hi all, please help me to make plasma light.
keenanls6 years ago
Hi, I am new here and am wondering if anyone knows where one can get rid of tons and tons of books from 1800's on up - we are clearing up the family home and have so much stuff we are overwhelmed. Does anyone have any advice other than estate sale and/or auction?
there is a site call paperbackbookswap.com you can list them for other books and find people on the site who might like to recieve some of your books privately also you can donate them to orgs like the vets or handycapped i would be willing to help you if you would like to send some of your books .if you would let me know what kind of books they r please contact me at drama_3ueen@yahoo.com
Thanks for your reply - I will get back to you at some point - with this cleaning out this homestead, I and my siblings are really overwhelmed. We have IAABO artifacts (our dad was a phys ed teacher, referee (college and highschool), school athletic director) A lot of accumulation of paper from the 30's and 40's - (historical stuff); we also have old toys, old magazines, costume jewelry, pepsi and coke artifacts, old trunks, geez I could go on and on. Thanks to everybody for their input
I collect coke anything so don't forget me...Thanks
hai iam swamy iam writing books but your books are too good
hai iam swamy iam writing books but your books are too good
Seriously, have a bookseller look them over. Lots of people make a living selling books on Amazon and would be interested. If you have unusual old books I think it would be easy to find buyers for them.
Books are tricky because you may have one or two "valuable" books hidden among them. Ask a specialist antiquarien book dealer to come in and appraise your books and if he/she wants them, make you an offer. Please bear in mind that he is looking for that "valuable" one and not tell you if something special is amongst them. Sell on Ebay as a collection with approx numbers and range of subject matter. Don't forget any significant authors or dates. Remember: "one man's trash is another man's treasure". I would love to go through them myself and sort out (junk) from (other). That could determine the next step. I hope I've given you some , hopefully, fresh ideas. Good Luck
Thanks for your reply - it is much appreciated that you took the time to give me some advice - Happy New Year
erumdiana6 years ago
i want to do my own electricbike so i want parts of the bike and it is not available in india wht should i do pls help
No old scooters and lead-acid batteries available? At all?

an old pedal car
not that I know of but will check today
rn36 years ago

Looking for selfmade things about photo , happy to found you , and i'll post some of mines


Hello Everyone,
gdfsgfhsf6 years ago
keenanls6 years ago
Thanks for the reply and advice - I will write down some of them and post them - it is worth a try to post some titles. First I have heard of 'SteamPunk' - will have to look into that

Happy New Year to you also
Cool..Love this site!
Books..sell them on ebay..I buy mine there!
Hello everyone!
Dear All,
iam intrested in making electronic gadgets.. so need your help and guidance on it..

Thanks in advance..
hi am electrical engg.

i want to do project on witricity. to use the wire less electricity to charge mobile. please guide me
Welcome narasimharao - you need to click on "Submit Instructable" at the top of the page, and then follow those instructions.
javierdpp6 years ago
kratu javierdpp6 years ago
username2526 years ago
Hi! I'm new joining up, but I've been looking at this site for a while now. It's really cool to see all the great stuff people post up, and I can't wait to see what crazy ideas people will think up next year.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
izzy19696 years ago
Hi i'm Izzy from Tx. Cool site.
tobyax6 years ago
hi... i am from italy...
Kiteman tobyax6 years ago
DutchJean6 years ago
Hello everyone,

I'm so impressed by this site. I'm very clumsy and I'm not a DIYer (yet). But with your help I know I'll learn a lot.
hey im new too
Hello "new", I'm "old".
hauser916 years ago
howdy,iam new also .
sfyates6 years ago
Hello< I'm new to instructables don't really know what this is about yet but I hope to start learning the computer this year so I can lern to write and learn notetaking. I'm interested in photography and making scrapcrafts. I'd like to share my stuff and get your opinion on what i'm doing now.
Kiteman sfyates6 years ago
I am also a new member. I have have used instructables for a few years now. But I didn't become a member until Christmas day. I like electronics in general and love mini office weapons and booby traps. I just though I should tell a little about my self like Sfyates and Outrigger.
ferrovotex6 years ago
hi, i glad to be here....
outrigger6 years ago
Well, I guess this is where the newbes say hello and say what they are interested in. I'm new to wood working. I want to absorb everyones knowledge on that topic. I'm into alot of things. They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. If so I want to be very dangerous.
Ride Long, Ride Safe
Yes I'm a Triker too BTW.
Alette6 years ago

I'm a Newbie here & Self taught Jewelry Artist by My Love of Handcrafting Custom Jewelry Designs.

I came across this Site after Searching for info on Soldering.

I have to be honest this site seems to be Filled with a Wonderful Wealth of Information! Kudos to all who have been Helpful in Contributing Info and making this site All that it Is! I Thank You All!

xsm5206 years ago
hi,i am new one
zettolly6 years ago
Hello Everyone,

I'm an old-timer. Been working in computers since I was a little child. You could say I was born about the same time as the original computer, (ENIAC)
I think was the name. I worked as a Systems Engineer for IBM for over 30 years, but most my background was programming business application for large systems. I only really got into PC's since retirement.

I've working on a project for my adopted son's (8-year old) wii. Been trying to get it to load games via a USB drive. But that's for another thread!

Anyway, Hello and I;m glad to be here.
dolally6 years ago
Hi everyone from one senior (old 'un) in the middle of a mess that dont seem to have much light shining up the tunnel. EXCEPT for you people. Long may instructables run
diannagail7 years ago
I have been cruisin' the site for a long time and finally decided to sign up to pitch in my 2 cents every now and then. There is so much here that I get overloaded every time I come.... 'may I be excused now... my head is full' :) I and my husband love DIY projects and love to recycle and make things from scratch. We love to see something for sale we want and then go home and try to make it ourselves. Lots of fun :)
A big hello to the instructables community... this site rocks!!!
hello im ufoboatman, my family and i have been building ufobottleboats for about 17 years now... made of approx 90 percent recycled soda bottle containers... check out ufobottleboats.com Im going to do an instructable for it but there are so many details that a book may be nessesary, thanks
zarazann6 years ago
hey hey hello all ! nice cpllaboration xD
eyang6 years ago
i'm so happy because, i learned a lot, thanks!
Hi can anyone tell me why it says Audrey II was a Fourth Prize Winner (upper left corner of the instructable page) when it says it got a Third place in Props in the Halloween Contest page?
hi i sign in to ask about things... first how to make a shoe rack

Welcome, jerikokritiko.

If you use the search box at the very top-right of every page, you will find a lot of shoe rack projects (click the orange text).

neetcooks7 years ago
ello all im a newbee and i must say what a good informative site, im really glad i logged on today. thank u.xxx
cyclops 1017 years ago
hi everyone
hi to you to
hi moni this is dhilip from puducherry i need some deatails to create a simple robot
rorie_cpa7 years ago
hi... i signed in for help
mwest157 years ago
hello, Im interested in the drum kit, cant wait to get started!
hola friends! from peru... best wishes
Rytinelatte7 years ago
Hi everyone! :))
erinogrady7 years ago
I'm having a terrible time suscribing to become a "Pro Member", and i'm just dying to get started on some of these projects!!

Can someone help me? I don't see a "Contact" tab anywhere, so i'm not sure who to ask!?

rhopes7 years ago
There's som much sharing of information in here, thank you very much,
courtzandme7 years ago
we are just starting and doing some of the halloween stuff! it is cool!
3xclusiv37 years ago
Haloo All... Im new here & Happy to Join in .. Nice Web .. tumbs up .. ^_^
q3qyuu7 years ago
hello everyone! I'm new here, and I hope we can be friends and cooperate
logamuthu7 years ago
"Marvellous" should be  the other name for https://www.instructables.com!
haha, your right!
Lolitaa7 years ago
Hi all!

Have a nice day everyone!

Kisses : Lola
good web site thinks
maxnito7 years ago
hi to all
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chuky7 years ago

wordperfect7 years ago
Brilliant site,can see soooo much.
nice to be one of the Knowing few.
hi how are you can we chat now if your free this my yahoo m. rejean_juarez i hope you see me?
we can indeed. what have you made/makeing?
TonyKPrime7 years ago
Hello Everyone
ammaar97 years ago
you should to try
mm12097 years ago
hellow every one
Raki.2147 years ago
hey tis is rakesh. i am very happy to join in this instructables. i am more intrested in making of robots but i can not download your robot pragrams how i can do it that
kundla7 years ago
hi all
red2sp7 years ago
hi all,,,,...
RCDA red2sp7 years ago
hi all. I am a new member from Georgia, Caucasus. Wish all good luck in finding what she/he wants
Rwong7 years ago
Hello world!
yxw14707 years ago
hello,every one
kcls yxw14707 years ago
Hi, and welcome to the site!
lemonie yxw14707 years ago
pacosebil7 years ago
eliumarcano7 years ago
Which 1 you refering to soccer or American football?
Or Gaelic football
YES :-)
pakendo7 years ago
pedro1527 years ago
make a portable fire pit
rafacvl7 years ago
esse site é o melhor
i need help how do i put music on my dsi i put song on my memory card put when i put it in the dsi it wont play
what is dsi frnd..?
Did you convert the files first to either M4A format or AAC. You can do that using itunes
You'd best ask that question either in the "Answers" section, or as a new forum topic (just click "submit" at the top of the page and go from there).
aleZ_1327 years ago
hola a todos soy nuevo en este medio pero voy a tratar de aportar algo de technology
Fastlove7 years ago
I love it
dasilva027 years ago
i love this site
I,too,am a newbie but TOTALLY in awe of what I've seen so far!Definitely going to be hanging in here often.Looking forward to meeting some cool peeps and learning and sharing a bit
Me Too! I'm new but looking forward 2 all the things i can do! Have u made any instructables?
I have not...kinda shy-want it to be right and something I'm really good at so I've been contemplating what will be my first.I'm really good at cooking/improvising recipes and finding ways to make expensive products at home.How about you-have you made any?
yes, its called, How To Paint Your Dog's Nails
jbman8407 years ago
i love instructables.com it is my favrit place to get science tech help and other stuff
cherokeej7 years ago
hello, Another newbie here. Can't believe it took me so long to stumble across this site. Very interesting place...lot of great stuff. I think my brain might overload. Love It!!!
kingstone7 years ago
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ademola7 years ago
pls i am ademola, if any one found of the said machine should reply to my mail account, email: greenlightheritage@yahoo.com thanks
ademola7 years ago
we are the screen printing company that deals with printing on plastic containers {various sizes on round objects, we need a fairly used machine that can print directly on plastics at least 2 to 4colors
olive1437 years ago
i know
Hi I want to go to West Point Military Academy and I was wandering if anyone can give me advice about training before I go what to pack and anything else. ANYONE PLEASE ANSWER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arshad Ayaz7 years ago
I am related with medical profession and i hav served 15 years of my life in this field.but i am a nursing assistant not a fully doctor.I got 1 year training of Physiotherapy as well.I want comments if any body have in favour of my profession with lot of thanks.
abedi7 years ago
I am a Home studio music producer and wish to improve my production quality especially in setting apt EQ effects and compression. Can any producer help me achieve this?
Lucky4U7 years ago
hey i am new here.......!!
craftaddict7 years ago
Hi! I'm new here I found this site while surfing the net for some new craft ideas. It seems like a fun and friendly place to be.
FlameRazor8 years ago
Um... I don't read XD sorry, ill find my own way
DuftPunk207 years ago
You can create animated avatar using Video Avatar.Also convert video to gif. It's really cool prog)
Mike111167 years ago
Hi guys i am new to the site.Finding it intresting.looking forward to comunicating with u
welcom to the instructables web site nice to have you here
Hey welcome to the Brotherhood
Hey welcome to the Instructables Collective. Equal opportunity makers without discrimination toward race, color, gender, creed, IQ, tools, or lack thereof, etc.
Hey what do you mean I have already been a member its the guy above me who is new tou replied to the wrong person
kamaso067 years ago
Hi everyone! I am new to  instructables, hoping I could be of help by sharing some of my stuff and likewise learning new craft from all of you.
Hey Welcome to the Brotherhood.
Great get stuck in!
Welcome, Kamaso.

We look forward to seeing your projects - remember to have a good browse around the site, especially the "featured" projects.
safya7 years ago

Ineed littel helpfrom you Iask you all >> I want to add photos inventive> and I want to help me in English> Ifind it difficult to speak English < please  Iwant to help>>

Instead of saying I want to help me say I need help in English
Crugor safya7 years ago
maybe i can help
Try to use a english dictipnary or maybe you can try a private teacher
Adelap safya7 years ago
safya, what language do you speak?    Adela
LoneWolf safya7 years ago
"I want to add photos inventive"

Do you mean you want to know how to upload photo's to your instructables profile?
Hey guys thanks to all you guys who make instructables we truly are helping a lot of people out there. One for the Brotherhood- (fallout3)
Has anyone seen the pacific hbo movie?
legxis7 years ago
hi u all, am new here and how do i get tutorials to download. please help me out, thanks. happy new year. 
It should show you what to do if you click on guided tour
lemonie legxis7 years ago
Ask it here:
And explain what you want to do in more detail.


You can't download them unfortunatly. This isa feature reserved for the pro-members (people with pro in front of there name).

You will have to look at it online...
CAPT.DAN7 years ago
any body know were to find a free sail boat i need to be at sea well??
why dont you try a scrap yard that would be simple plus it would be free!
 what kind of sailboat you looking for Capt. Dan
(The orange text shows a link - click it)
alishaibi7 years ago
Hi safya I like to hel[p you speaking English, but how and where it would be, for Electronic and other subject it can be through this lovely Site
scar617 years ago
ciao a tutti sono nuova ancora non ci capisco niente
Adelap scar617 years ago
Capisco un poco d'italiano.  Tu credeva che questo foro era in tua lingua?   :o)  Non sapete niente di inglese?  Se vivi in New York poteremo di parlare sobre questo sitio.    :o)                 Adela
Kiteman scar617 years ago
Benvenuto. Sentitevi liberi di porre domande, ma la maggior parte l'inglese. Ho usato Google Translate di questo tipo.

Menise8 years ago
that a nice face
bubbarules7 years ago
jake99997 years ago
luv this site
hebert767 years ago
I like this sides, Thanks
tezo7 years ago
lukas877 years ago
hi can anyone help me plase i got a scellphone i9+++ i dont know how to set it up for gprs its tellin me to acctivate gprs but i have tryed but it wont let me i am doing it foe oputs in aussie

 pls help me 
                         :) :P
Normally GPRS is activated by your Service Provider,your bill will skyrocket! For my case, i always asked to deactivate it whenever i sign a new contract.
they charge you on the amount data downloaded.

Kiteman lukas877 years ago
You need to ask a question.  Click HERE.
azaz16757 years ago
i cant do anything
Jalen_Gober7 years ago
hey wats up
the sky
blade8897 years ago
i like mayo7 years ago
What the ****.
dont curse or you will be banned
dont curse or you will be banned sikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
philipluong7 years ago
 hey guys, could you please give me more eye exercises that will improve my eyes? , at this point of my life, my vision are very poor :(
If you eat more  Vitamin A  or eat more vitamins it will actually improve the retina of  the eye.
hay nice picture

What the hack that was totaly radom!?hi
Just be careful not to overdose on oil soluble vitamins like Vitamin A.   They can build up to poisonous levels.

So. Hey guys. Whats up...Well what else do I need to make a film?

cuccio1237 years ago
ciao a tutti

 You rock Mr. Wilhelm! Thanks for making this Wonderful site!
hey can anyone tell me how to change a dc motor to ac or the other way round cause i wanna built a wind genorator turbine thingy or if i could salvage one from somewhere else as im a porper living in a field
You can't change the motor but, can use it for a wind generator. You will need several other parts to complete the system. There are two types of wind machines - horizontal & vertical. Also will need to decide what voltage of DC for the batteries storage for power, an inverter - converting DC to AC, disconnect to cut off the power for maintenance, power box for circuits.
The Prince and the Pauper, and the Porpoise...
Use the Answers section, someone will help you.

A pauper living in a field with internet access?

Look to the top-right of the page - try using the search function.
suer698 years ago
Just joined,but have been on here before and there is alot of info here that's very useful . Like it so far. What is a patch?
Kiteman suer698 years ago
Patches are virtual badges.  You can win them when you win a contest, or if your projects get featured in the newsletter.

If you are a Pro member, you also get a ration of patches you can send to anybody you like (including non-pros like yourself), for any reason you like.

have a look at my profile to see examples of patches (you have to scroll down a little) - if you hover the cursor over each patch, you will see a brief message that came with the patch.
you are weird with your fancy science talk
fancy science talk is sexy
anything but
.  If a she says it's sexy, it's sexy.
.  If a he says it's ... well, nobody cares what a guy thinks is sexy.
well i dont give a  sh** what a girl thinks
.  You'll change your mind - once you hit puberty. ;)
i cant argue with that
holy crap! lol
 Check out www.droughtplug.co.uk would it be of any use/fit in your country?
All constructive advice very welcome.
Kind Regards and Happy New Year to all.
this a very friendly, eco friendly and frugal site. not to mention informative and economical. why should we make wal mart richer.
i like mayo7 years ago
how do you change the image.mine sucks.   :-|
amy05287 years ago
if you play computer too much rest for 5 minutes.while your  resting  close your and move them left,right,up,(it's hard to close your eyes when your moving your eyes up so try hard not to open your eyes when your moving upwards)and down. that gives good excercize
paule1017 years ago
i am interested in greek and i thank you for your source of information; i wo like a  free copy of your gkeek sofe ware translating from greek to english and from english to greek thant to esword for the help that it giving it customers over the years. 
fadey7 years ago
Oo oO
!milano!7 years ago
Hi...I'm the newbie. looking forward to your crafts!
Hello! Today's are here

gwainey8 years ago
echo "Hello World =)";
in making wine.. what is the volume of the water and the grape juice?how many grams of yeasts and sugar to be added?
Ask a question:
You'll get an answer there.

scabotn8 years ago
Muy buen portal. Encuentro muchos artículos practicos interesantes. Enhorabuena
Thelivewire8 years ago
Nice. Found a couple useful articles. If I have anything original I'll post it.
Thanks for the tour. I am really enjoying this site.
The most popular stuff is here:

joedow8 years ago
I live in an aparment in a suburb area. I have an old analog TV. I bought a converter box  using a coupon of $40 to work for the old TV. The TV broadcasting towers are about 80 miles from the apartment complex. The apartment would not let me install outdoor antena.

Since I want to use TV to watch news on local channels availbale over the air, I have no need to pay to cable or a dish.

Is there any most powerful indoor antena that could get signals from 80 miles into my apartment? I  could connect it to coverter box to work on the old TV.

Any ideas please? Bought several indoor antenas from Walmart and Radio Shack and none would get signals. The aparment is one story and has no tall buildings at all aournd the complex.

lemonie joedow8 years ago
You need a good Yagi <a href="http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=yagi+aerial&meta=&cts=1255474132782&aq=1&oq=yagi">www.google.co.uk/search</a> pointed at the transmitter. Shop around.<br /><br />L<br />
caseyv joedow8 years ago
I spent alot of time on the net trying to find the aswer to this one and I think that basically it is..NO.  It depends on  the direction of the towers and if they are VHF UHF or both.  You can find both positive and negative reviews on any antena.  And 80 miles is a LONG way for reception, even with an outdoor antena.  Good luck.  If you find an answer, let us all know.
vonjohn218 years ago
I discovered your site by coming through another  link. Congratulations on the concept and I'm going to allocate some spare time to exploring and digesting the mountain of material from all contributors.
Great stuff.
just came upon your site by accident and WOW -  am looking forward to using the information provided
glugnar8 years ago
redcornboy8 years ago
djwillie8 years ago
Hello everyone! Great forum. My oldest son and I have debated a question for over two years now, and out of these debates we've come up with some very interesting facts. First, I have a question for everyone, then I think because of the extensiveness of this subject I'm going to set up a website or a separate blog site so I can keep track of any questions you all may have. Anyhow, here's my question: How would YOU like to live in a debt free, all Green city? Debt free meaning that you or your family have NO mortgage payments, no credit card payments, no power bill, no water bill, the city is powered by solar, wind, ect. The city enjoys it's own all natural food supply and is supplied with fresh well water, each residence has a composting toilet, ect. Basically, the city would be clean and debt free, every citizen and the city itself? Give me your comments at: djpropertymanagement@bigstring.com put in subject box GREEN CITY