Take a tour of Instructables!

There's so much cool stuff here, I thought people (new and old) might enjoy a guided tour.

Instructables is a web-based documentation platform where passionate people share what they do and how they do it, and learn from and collaborate with others. These awesome people make it all happen. The seeds of Instructables germinated at the MIT Media Lab as the future founders of Squid Labs built places to share their projects and help others; more history is here.

Instructables is the combination of a number of things. First, there are the Instructables themselves. These are step-by-step descriptions of things people want to share. They are educational, inspirational, and often replicable.

The Dachshund Wheel chair is my favorite. A passionate user shared something close to his heart, and has had a positive impact on many lives.

There's the whimsical: Magnetic Acrylic Rubik's Cube. And, of course, the whimsical inspired by the whimsical: Magnetic Rubik's Dice Cube. And, the plain ridiculous: How to Get a Free Yacht and its complete saga.

A cornerstone of what makes Instructables great is the comments. People ask questions, give praise, or offer improvements; this sets up a conversation between the project author and the community. Check out this cookie recipe where the author responds to a question about substitutions for someone who wants cookies now.

Many of the best Instructables have won one of our contests: Show Your Heart Valentine's Day Contest, Holiday Homemade Gifts contest, Take Thanksgiving to the Next Level contest, Halloween Project contest, and The Magnet Challenge.

Instructables has a lively forum for opinion and discussion. Really smart and talented people hang out here. Have a look at a forum topic on water tunnel testing complete with Reynold's number equations.

Finally, what really makes Instructables great is the community surrounding it. These are passionate people that want to share what they did and how they did it. In recognition of this, Instructables won the 2006 Wired Rave Award for industrial design. Instructables gave power to the individuals so they could positively impact the world. Also, check out some of the news articles about Instructables.

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sk36017 days ago

happy to be here.

Lots to Discover here!!

DMG RECORDS1 month ago


michalak41 month ago

very informative

DougM652 months ago

I am happy to have finally joined the community!

avanyway2 months ago

good i like

rosimorho3 months ago


evapersons4 months ago

i need to have a canadian number

thats y i kame ova here


want that number for use

Jacelto4 months ago

This website is very cool. I enjoy it!

FrozenWarrior5 months ago

<3 Instructables!! (helped me understand the last step to making a ninja star! YEY!!)

Jojos Nonni5 months ago

1) Where is this so-called 'Guided Tour'? 2) What exactly IS the purpose of this Comment section?? No matter what question/ feedback I've seen posted, it seems the answer is 'HERE is not the appropriate place to ask/ say that' (BTW, these sometimes not-so-nice replies are all from fellow Pro users, NOT staffers OR Instructables moderators)

1) The article above your comment 2) the reason we say this is not the right place is that if you post a forum topic you will get the attention of the staff (and we aren't trying to be mean we are just trying to help solve their problem)

sanjibt5 months ago


NickDaBoss4216 months ago

this website is really cool. you can find almost everything!!!

Crux alpha6 months ago

Instructables is very good

sylviamackey6 months ago

Wow I feel like I've found my peeps! This site is awesome. Thanks Eric

GLaDOS_7 months ago


EzyCraft7 months ago

Love this site.. can't wait to join the communities!

Parthiv Joshi9 months ago

this site has all i need.I can find anything here

Thanks a lot

zsazsa6669 months ago

So glad I found this site. I love trying new things and will share some of my bizarre art and DIY soon.


Well, I finally found an
interesting web page...

daisy45110 months ago
When ever i make an instructable it will not let me publish it

I see that you have just published an instructable. I'm not sure why you think it didn't publish. In the future, be sure to post comments like these in the correct forum.

Miss Delisha10 months ago

Hello Everyone...glad to join...not usually very "flashy" when it comes to profile pics, but particularly wanted to make a statement on this forum due to the fact I took a ride on a crazy train to get here!!!!!!

MSX3clcs10 months ago


judy.r.pittman11 months ago

I am having some issue of staying logged in when I try to add to a collection. how do i move from the draft tab tohave the ability to add to a collection?


you should probably make a forum topic about the problem because you wont get much help when you post on an unrelated topic

1357900alex11 months ago

Не добавляются ключевые слова в посте

Почему нет?

Как оказалось при включенном в яндекс-браузере переводчики ключевые слова не добавляются. Теперь уже разобрался, все ок


Jasun12 months ago

Hi, I'm looking to build of long range locators for search of gold. Please help me with an idea to pick which is a good kind of instructables match for device-search coil/ antenna, transceiver, frequency meter/ counter, vibration, light led, radar, and gps. I'm looking to forward hearing from someone as soon as possible.

you should post this as a forum topic instead of as a comment

Thanks for your help!

patitan1 year ago

Hi, this structure is really great that you have installed and if the value of the case. God inspire you like and you ...! VERY, VERY, LIVE

Adoro novidades, quero dividir meu trabalho com vocês ensinando e aprendendo, valeu!


We are a very excited couple for starting using Instructables ;) Gonna upload right away what we did in our cooking show last week! More to come! Love from Portugal to everyone in here!

nearg1231 year ago

Can I use these ideas freely or do I have to ask the owner of the idea?

Check the licence of the project, but the default licence means you can use them freely, as long as you do not benefit commercially.

(Sorry it took so long for you to get a reply.)

rdhochbaum1 year ago

why do many of the pictures that I try to upload not come out and I get a picture that says undefined instead?

That question needs its own forum topic, probably in the Bugs forum.

AdnamaG1 year ago

hi I'm new

Hi im new I cant wait to get started!!! and make friends

Tungtono1 year ago

Get started

tower7651 year ago

Does Instructables help a creator/contributor pursue a patent, and/or help to find a manufacturer and otherwise bring a product to market?


The vast majority of projects shared here are open source.

You might try the Kickstarter forums?

kokopona1 year ago

Hello I am just new, I think I have come to the right place and a great community, I hoping to learn as much from you guys and implements some of the project I feel is important to take on.

I hope that looking for something that is important doesn't get in the way of just making something and documenting it...

hamid45121 year ago

hello all i am hamid from IRAN my language persian

Thanks for advice and thank you all.

pjckmen2 years ago

I love it

Routy7 pjckmen2 years ago

Routy7 says good start. .NOW! how do I "look up" the subject i need. Where is the "search bar"

Kiteman Routy72 years ago

Look to the top-right of the page. The "Let's make" box searches the instructables, and the "Search forums" box searches the forums.

Be creative , : be open to new ideas a all the time and be open to. New ideas and new approaches to your endeavors.

mcayer152 years ago

well i like the intro to it all

karmons2 years ago

Hola como busco mis instructables?gracias

dihioussama2 years ago
Hi People, how to make on this instructables my projects

At the top, click 'create'

JM19992 years ago

Is there any tour available for a large family at instructables HQ in the following few years?

Hello, all.
Who can help me with a good image program for picture optimization for my website? Thanks in advance.

Have you tried Pixlr or GIMP?

Maybe you know some good programs for picture compressing?
Thanks a lot in advance. )

Sorry, but Google is your friend...

Right :), there are a lot of programs there a I have already found one, XnView, thanks Kiteman, for your kind help.

You're welcome.

Oh, not yet, thanks Kiteman for your kind advice, I will :)

JBC20102 years ago

Hello all, This Newbie is in Bullhead City, AZ. Hoping to find yummy recipes and fun DIY projects and share some of mine.

akd54542 years ago
Can any one suggest me , from where can I procure NdFeB Magnets, of size 50mm X 50mm X 12.5mm, grade 45, Qty,12 Nos, for my project on 'Free Energy'. And what is the cost, that I have to pay?, I SHALL MAKE THE PAYMENTS ON "CASH ON DELIVERY" BASIS, WHEN IT REACHES AT MY POSTAL ADDRESS.Thanks. A.K.Das.
dihioussama2 years ago
Hi People, how to make on this instructables my projects
Jayesin2 years ago
I'm new too. I have a major question: Is there a index of projects where we can go and look at projects already in the system????
Kiteman Jayesin2 years ago
You can browse sections by clicking the Explore tab at the top-left of the page, or search on a specific theme by using the "Let's make" search box at the top-right.
kvkkumar82 years ago

Pranaam to all .......................
I am research scholar and a small painter . I need a old computer to complete my research work .
Please give an information that how to get free old computer to me .
Thank you ..............................
Krishna kumar K.V. ( kvkkumar8@yahoo.com )
reraer2 years ago
What benefits do I receive since I became a Pro Member? I was unable to download instructions for a tote made from feed bags so I payed for Pro Membership. Would I have been able to download that without this? Thanks
Kiteman reraer2 years ago
Downloading is just for pros.
bushra saad2 years ago
hi what is keyword
It's a word that helps other people to find what they are searching for - like tags.
how do you upload a profile picture
Go to your "You" page, and look to the left of the page for the words "Change Image(s)".

Click that, and you're away.
I wish the categories were more broken down. For example if I'm looking for tips on pro e/creo where do I go. If there was a cad category I would go into that and have all other cad platforms under it. Maybe searching would be a good method I don't know.
You can use the searches, but if I have a specific problem with a specific piece of software, the first thing do is look for dedicated help pages or forums.

If that doesn't work (and, so far, it has), I would contact the software publisher directly, and at the same time put a question in the Answers section here.
Jjcharris2 years ago
I made a wood fired oven last year and took pics along the way. Would that be a good topic or has someone already done it? Made it for under $200.00.
There's a saying...
You should share it. Even if it's been "done" before, I bet no one has made it exact the way you did.
psandhu2 years ago
I just joined. Thought it would be nice to work on something new. I hope it works.
ray603042 years ago
WOW there are others out there who are as goofy as I am! If anyone needs carton or display construction ideas or solutions - please ask. I have 40 years of making things that get thrown out.

Start posting instructables, then at least you'll have a photographic archive!
CANNOT THINK of a dang idea
vintammy2 years ago
Hey, this is just amazing and incredible stuff. I plan to use it to get ideas and as a resource for stuff that i plan to create.
I hope to use Instructables as a resource of new and creative ideas. I also hope to provide some of my own projects that might be of interest to the community.
Cool - what are you planning on posting?
I'm not sure. I plan on working on a project with my grandson. He's interested in robotics so that might be the direction we go. It will probably be designed around an Arduino Nano.
There are plenty of resources here to work with.
You may be interested in Instructable's resources for teachers.
Thank you. I'll be sure to check it out. We need all the help we can get to keep our instruction current and interesting.
bobalbury3 years ago
I appreciate people's creativity. This is both an informative and creative site. Well done, Bravo B )
Mr. Chango3 years ago
see i just found your site while surfin' the web and i faund it just amazing.
I think you ppl do a great job. I found very useful many of the articles and pdf docs that you share. I hope i can share something that can be as useful as it is for me.

Haris243 years ago
Hi this page is nice
Chrize3 years ago
I want to make a device that accepts voice commands(google calls it digital assistanance) searches the voice input in the memory which contains the command and then gives the output on the screen.......
eg.if I say 1+2 EQULAS......(here it should give an answer)........
how n frm where should I start?????
Kiteman Chrize3 years ago
You ought to start a fresh forum topic to ask this question.

CLICK HERE to start the topic.
tijaabo3 years ago
hey folks how i download ebook cuz he refuse me every time heeeeeeeeelp
Kiteman tijaabo3 years ago
eBooks are a pro feature.
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