Take over the world easily!

So you want to take over the world? Well here's the steps!

1. Genetically and cybeneticaly enhance an army of ducks
2.Create Orbital Tungsten Bombardment System (O.T.B.S) 
3 Aim your O.T.B.S at major oil/uranium fields. 
4 While superpowers try to stop you move in And eliminate most humans with your ducks.
5. Blow up the planet and move to Mars OR attempt Galactic Domination

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gmoon1 year ago

I, for one, welcome our new Supreme Duck Overlord.

Please consider it carefully, he might turn out to be a quack.

I was hoping we could duck that issue.

You were bound to ruffle some feathers.

If they're gonna be like that, tell 'em to put it on my bill.

If we keep on waddling around like this, things might get ugly.

Ugli-er. We're really dropping in the pecking order now.

Seems like that when you get down to it.

They're all despicable.

You would be hard pressed to say that for a juicy tale.

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