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Your score was 30 out of 30. That is an excellent score—you would have a very strong chance of passing the Mensa test and joining Mensa.
Please note that the Mensa Workout is NOT the official Mensa test, and your score will not qualify or disqualify you for membership

Take the MENSA Workout test and post your score.

For funzies! ...lol

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ledzep56710 years ago
lol im guessing this test isnt to be taken by 15 year olds?(accurately at least)

14 with a 30/30, :D.

It doesn't ask you to do calculus with 2 variables or anything. :-)
In other words, I was given a similar test in the 7th or 8th grade but for evaluation purposes.
I assume you're talking about an IQ test for some sort of gifted program? I was given my test in 3rd grade, and I know from back then, that every year older you got, they gave a different test. Now obviously it would stop changing at a certain age, but to an extent, ledzep567 is right. That to an extent just doesn't really apply to a 15 year old, as there are not questions on that test that one wouldn't be able to get based on a lack of mental development.
Well, it was over 35 years ago, so maybe my memory is faulty in that area. I do remember taking an IQ test that was oriented to a different "environment" and how that skews such tests too.
I got I think 27 or 29 out of 30 right a while back when I took it...not to brag, but it was easy-peasy. Especially the pattern bits, a monkey could do those...
westfw10 years ago
I sorta got disenchanted with Mensa and their tests when I realized I could get in based on my SAT scores... Sigh. 27 out of 30, but I got (1) right for the wrong reason, (6) wrong for a wrong reason (stupid mistake.) and (19) is just something I really suck at. (My wife is quite good at this word game called "anagrams", a scrabble-like game where you steal words from other players by adding letters and rearranging to form new words. But I can't seem to "deconstruct" words back into individual letters...) We had a rather long discussion on another forum about the (box, code, bag, haste, etc) question... A lot of people didn't like the "code" word.
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