Talk about One of Your Cool Plants and Get a Totally Random Patch

Here's a challenge to get to know your plants better.  I'd love to hear about a plant that absolutely everyone should know about.  Please write a little piece on the plant (facts, how you got it, what makes it so cool, whatever), and please include a picture.  It doesn't have to be the most exotic plant that you own because what's exotic to you might be mundane for someone else and vice versa.  Of course, you're more than welcome to write about something exotic, but it's not required.  Just show-and-tell a plant that you love and think everyone should love...  well, a plant that every plant nerd should love at the very least.

So let me tell you about Lenophyllum texanum:
Lenophyllum texanum (aka Texas Sedum, Coastal Stonecrop, Sedum texanum, or Villadia texana) is a Texas native that I purchased last year at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center spring sale. This is a succulent with an herb-like habit.

It's SUPPOSED to bloom in the summer, but mine bloomed all winter. It's also supposed to be 8" tall and 4" wide, but mine's the opposite and sprawls a bit like a lazy mint. I can chalk that up to it receiving more shade than what it would probably enjoy.

There are only 7 species within the genus (Family: Crassulacaea), and this is the only species that appears on Dave's Garden. The genus was named in 1904 by J. N. Rose, and its status as a genus separate from Sedum or Villadia is a matter of discussion. Again, it seems to be another plant, much like the Leuchtenbergia principis, that's difficult to place within a taxonomy.

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Koosie7 years ago
I've got a bamboo shoot that I've had for around 5 years.  Stays permanently indoors so it hasn't grown that much. 

What it has done is grown sideways/skew because of how it stands in the jar of water.  I'll try to get a pic of it later.
AngryRedhead (author)  Koosie7 years ago
Well, bamboo likes full sun generally, so being indoors all the time probably won't produce much.  Why don't you take it outside when the weather's good?
Aha, I finally got the picture! As you can see, it grew upstraight from the angle I put it in. I started putting it in sideways because it became to big for the previous "vase" but is too short for this one. So I put it in sideways so only the roots are in the water. I turn it around every now and then. I'm trying to get it to grow like a corkscrew :->
AngryRedhead (author)  Koosie7 years ago
Ahhhhh, now I see the problem. Your plant is commonly called "Lucky Bamboo", but it's Dracaena sanderiana and not a bamboo at all.  It likes shade, and if you're wanting to put some good growth on it, try putting it in a shady location outside if you have any.  I like to give my houseplants a breather during the summer to get big and lush - my pothos is looking quite fab after being outside for the past 4-5 months.  I have a terrible time keeping them alive all year round unless they're in a terrarium.  Even then they don't put on a tremendous amount of growth.

To get the corkscrew shape, you'll have to train the fresh young growth around a pole of some sort (e.g., dowel rod or an actual piece of bamboo).

Hope it helps!  Thanks for sharing!  Patch on the way!
Awesome! Thanks for the patch! Interesting info about the plant. I always thought it was a "special" bamboo :-)
I did that once and the leaves burned in the sun (It gets very hot here). I cut them off but you can still see the brown bits. Since then I've been putting it in a sunny window with no direct sunlight and it seems to like that.
Kryptonite7 years ago
Possibly later: my corn.

It's the only bit of the garden that's mine, and I get to eat the first one of the season.
AngryRedhead (author)  Kryptonite7 years ago
What kind of corn?  Got a picture?
...I don't actually know!

My camera's lost at the moment, so pic might be a little bit in the coming. Remind me next week, and I will have probably found it.
I had a pretty Dionaea muscipula (venus flytrap). I named him Sigmund. He loved flies. Loved loved loved 'em. He threw up the dried up yukky fly bits after he ate, that's how cool he was. Sigmund unfortunately died (I think I let him dry out...I thought he was hibernating and forgot all about him). 


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