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I've been considering the switch to linux. I have currently loaded SimplyMEPIS onto an old laptop to give it a try, I was impressed. I think I like the Ubuntu Distro a little better but I'm teetering on the edge of a complete switch. I need a push over the edge. My issues at the moment is that the old crapy laptop is just kinda, what I call, my beater book. its the laptop I don't worry about to much and use for word proccesing on the run and simple Internet tasks. SimplyMEPIS works excellent for these purposes. My concern is compatibility with my everyday computer needs....... and my not so ordinary endevors. I would consider myself an Expert when it comes to Windows XP......... a step above Expert if there is such a thing...... I know it inside and out and I can manipulate it like a dirty 5 dollar crack whore. I realize there will be a learning curve but will it be compatible with everything I use in windows? ........ I do a lot of media editing and music recording....... is this a possibility in linux? (I realize Mac pro tools is my overall best option) somebody please convince me to switch beyond a shadow of a doubt. or talk me down from the ledge.

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ikem9 years ago
If you need help, try to catch me in the irc of channel linux my nick is always ikem like here.
srikar0610 years ago
ubuntu 7.10 was released just a month or 2 ago and it is working perfectly for me. you can create a live cd from their website so u can poke around a little before deciding to install it.
the live cd doesnt work for me. there was 1 corrupt file when i checked the disk, and im thinking that is what is keeping me from starting it. im waiting for some more blank cds so that i can install it. but ubuntu is great. i had 7.04 (i think thats the version) before, and my playing around with sudo messed it up. i deicded to wait a couple of months for 7.10 to come out, and now i cant install it and im sad...
Yeah -- that just means there was an error during either the download or burning process.
i know. my checksum came out fine for the .iso file. and looking at the cd i burnt it to (found it on my floor), it is pretty scratched. im thinking its the cd that got screwed up.
wow, are there still programs that use check-sum ?
yep. i used win md5 sum. it is kind of slow though, and you can only check a single file at a time. i only needed to check one file though, so it worked for me.
Its a 700MB file that you're downloading, the chance of an error is roughly 20%, thus you checksum it :P
I thought there were more accurate ways of checking a download then checksum? Oh well... I thought I remembered reading something about the death or near death of Checksum back when 286's became popular.
Oh, I understand. Checksum has become idomatic, now they use md5, which is very accurate.
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