Tampon Shooter

Clearly the menstrual militia has been ignored at this website so they had to start their own creative website.

Picture of Tampon Shooter
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The Jamalam8 years ago
Used or new?
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
makes my skin crawl :/
These look even worse!
110100101108 years ago
gunpowder powered edition anyone ?
e-pandemic8 years ago
gross facepalm for improductivity. :P
Awesome! This looks like a good way to scar teenage boys for life. :D
girls would be more annoyed that they run out them so fast
"Do not use tampons that have been worn."

my mind is scarred forever lol
Good god, anyone who has seen the karen taylor show is probably thinking what I'm thinking...

  • those that haven't, spoof superhero premenstrual girl...
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