Tang Hooch

I heard today that a common way to make booze in prison is to mix Tang, bread, and sugar (all hoarded from rations), which becomes some kind of sick form of alcoholic beverage. Needless to say "Instructables!" first came to mind. Have you heard of this and/or tried it and/or tasted it? Even more burning of a question: Did you do this as a kid?

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its disgusting don't do it! Yours truly used to make "homemade" wine like that except with bread yeast. It taste like a mixture of sour, yuck, and beer. I dont know if i got drunk off of it but it sure did give me a head ache.
I sucessfully made wine in a pickle jar with sugar and bread yeast, and pine needles for tannin. I poked holes in the lid to let out CO2 and covered with a towel when it started to smell vineagary. I gave it away, and I'm told it tasted like it had bear's teeth in it. :-D
I made some truly great muscadine wine this last year. But prior to that, I mostly made the bear-tooth flavored vinegar.
I remember a girl used a similar "love Potion" on me so I would go dancing with her.
caitlinsdad8 years ago
Might be a question for Martha Stewart. It might be a good thing.
I didn't catch that at first.


skunkbait8 years ago
In prison, it's often called Pruno. Most any fruit, sugar and yeast will do the job. It's usually made in a plastic bag. The alcohol level is low, and the yuck factor is high.
I would ask how you know these things, but frankly I'm afraid to.
. Skunk doesn't have any girls, but I'm still reminded of this:
. http://www.truveo.com/The-Bill-Engvall-Show-Back-to-Prison/id/3032992666
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